7 Best Free OCR Apps to Convert Images Into Text

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We are the smartphone generation that does not like to waste hours to finish any task. We want everything quick and at our fingertips. And that’s the case with an image-to-text conversion as well! At times we all feel the need to recognize text from any image. And that’s when the free OCR apps can help us convert images into text. However, there are many Free OCR software apps in the market. But here we bring a list of carefully picked free OCR apps that are best in performance and offer multiple functionalities.

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What is OCR and Why Do We Need Best OCR Apps?

OCR is an Optical Character Recognition technology that allows the conversion of paper documents or any images into editable PDF file formats.

Industry professionals, teachers, doctors, etc. need OCR tools for various purposes. With OCR you can recognize numbers and letters and then transform them into an editable word file or PDF file.

7 Best Free OCR Tools For Image To Text Conversion

OCR software apps help us convert images into text. This curated list will bring the best free OCR apps for your devices. Choose anyone from the below-mentioned list and you will have an easy image to text conversion in no time.


It is the best OCR app that offers remarkable features. It is easy to use and digitize all your documents in no time.

  • You can scan old photos, IDs, invoices, bills, etc with FlashScan.
  • It is a brilliant QR and Barcode scanner app.
  • FlashScan accurately convert images into text. Its OCR tool is intuitive and users can translate any text from English to other languages with it.
  • It also offers professional post-scan filters.
  • Users can mark any document as their Favorite document to get easy access.
  • Sort your documents with Time and Name.
  • Easily scan, share, save, rename, and delete any files and folders.
  • Find any scanned documents with the Search feature.
  • This Indian document scanner app generates clear and sharp scans. 

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Next in our list of best free OCR Software Apps is Simple OCR. Get a simple software to convert images into text.

  • Get free handwriting and machine print recognition.
  • The in-built spell-checker can correct errors while converting text.
  • Uses can save the converted file into a DOC and TXT format.
  • Simple to use software that offers many functionalities.


Simple Scan

While making a list of best OCR apps, we can not forget this pro-scanner app.It offers brilliant features with up-to-date results free of cost.

  • You can add a tag to quickly search any file.
  • Users can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, etc 
  • It offers a brilliant OCR tool to convert images into text.
  • You can upload JPG and PDF files to the cloud disk.



OCR.Space is one of the best OCR Software apps when you want to use a free OCR tool without any registration.

  • You can easily convert text from given images using this software.
  • It also helps you to get text from PDF files.
  • It allows you to get an editable file into a multi-column text format.
  • OCR.Space does not collect any confidential data on the server.



Next in the list of free OCR software apps is Prime Scanner. While its primary function is to scan documents, it also offers an intuitive OCR.

  • An easy-to-use free OCR app that also acts as a PDF scanner app. 
  • Offers a high-quality image to PDF conversion with OCR.
  • The app adds no watermarks. And users can get unlimited scanned documents per day.


Image to text OCR

This one is a brilliant pick if you are searching for a wide range of languages for translation.

  • Count it in one of the best OCR software apps and tools for its simple interface and accurate results.
  • It supports 30+ extensively used languages in the world.
  • The app gives 10 Pro OCR scan free in the first install and 5 Pro OCR scans free every day.
  • Batch image scanning is possible if you have a strong internet connection.


Text fairy

Text Fairy needs no introduction. This one is very famous as an intuitive OCR scanner. It has simple in-app navigation with a straightforward interface.

  • Best free OCR app for an accurate image to text conversion.
  • You can anytime correct the viewpoint of an image.
  • It can convert text from more than 50 languages.
  • A free app that gives no Adds in between.



Converting an image into text is one of the most important tech tasks that we need to perform frequently. Use the best free OCR apps like FlashScan. Also, it is quick intuitive, and ad-free

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