24 Unique French Tip Nails

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French tip nails are trendy yet classy nail arts that people of recent times love. The central concept of this nail art is to paint the tips of the nails with contrasting or complementing base colours. Many French manicure styles have come up in trend with time. These styles are signatures of various nail painting designs.

Gel, acrylic, chrome, all nails arts are included in this nail art. These designs are accessible so that you can try this at home. Here presenting some stunning French manicure designs. Gorgeous short nails with skin-colored French tips:

This is a simple nail design that focuses on the natural beauty and health of your nails. Short French tip nails designs will make you feel expensive. Your nails will look gorgeous with this design.

1. Short square tips French nails:

This is a reimagined concept of French nails. In this design, a semi-translucent nude colour is used to form the base. It offers you a look at original nails. But if you want to make it more gorgeous, you can go for other colours for your tips.

2. Nude nail base with metallic green French tips:

This manicure uses emerald color to paint the tips with a nude base color on the nail bed. This style suits the woman who is not afraid to go beyond traditions.

3. Shimmer red manicure french nails with glossy topcoat:

The French tips nail would remind you of the ruby red slippers of Dorothy. The dazzling burgundy nail color would be applied as a contrast to the transparent topcoat, and it is delicate yet bold.

4. Rose gold French tips coffin nails:

If you are searching for French tips coffin nails, then delectable rose gold coffin nails can be a statement style for them. The top French tip acrylic nails are a surprising inclusion to the nude nail base. This design is so captivating that you will be compelled to have it again.

5. Delicate ombre pink French nails:

This is a classic pink and white ombre French nail. In this design, soft pink nail paint forms the base with a glossy white at the tips. This nail art is perfect for western to the ethnic outfit.

6. Matte pink and chrome-tipped French nails:

This nail art begins with a matte pink shade, and the edges are painted with glossy chrome pink. This nail art is highly fashionable and is one of the latest trends. This manicure is for those who prefer delicate and perfect designs for any attire.

7. Gel French nail art with baby pink shade:

This subtle French manicure design starts with a solid baby pink shade to form the nail bed. In this design, nail edges are kept thin to offer a classy finish. You can try this nail art for a marriage ceremony or any traditional celebration.

8. Casual pink and white nail designs:

In this manicure, a light pink shade is applied to the entire nail. Then the pale white color is used to paint the tips. This nail art offers you a decent casual look that goes very well with classic styles.

9.  Subtle pink polish idea:

This nail design creates classic oval-shaped nails. Here a subtle baby pink shade is applied to the nails. A gentle touch of white is added to paint the tips, which is almost mingled with the base color. This nail color is for those who love to stay trendy.

10. Floral nail paint style:

This nail art starts with a pink and white base, and every ring fingernail has a gentle pink and brownish cherry blossom design. Anyone can have this nail art.

 11. French tips with long edges:

This is black French tip nails design for girls who want to have the looks of rockers. On each hand, two nails are painted with deep glossy black. The middle finger of each hand is painted with black polish with a silver topcoat. Ring fingernails are painted in shiny nude brown shades with black tips.

12. Pink and magenta French manicure:

In this design, a cotton candy pick shade is used to paint the base with magenta at the edges. In this French manicure, the long nails are shaped in squares. This nail art is perfect for young girls.

13. Blush pink gel polish art:

This nail art begins with a base pink gel coat. Then tips are painted with creamy white color. The ring fingers are painted matte to complete the design. This nail design offers a natural look.

14. Glossy pink and white nails:

This is a gorgeous nail art design. This is for short nails where white tips are painted on a gentle glossy pink base. You can have this design as regular wear because you can carry it to from your workplace to home.

15. Glam gold glitter French nail art:

This is creative French nail art. In this design, all the nails are painted with a blush pink color polish. Thick golden glitters are applied to the tips after that. The golden glitters are applied nearly to the middle of each nail.

16. Shimmery Glitters with squared tips:

In this design, square-oval-shaped nail tips are required. At the base subtle peach-pink shade is used, and tips are painted in fresh-creamy white. On the ring fingers, a smooth glittery coat is applied to complete the look. This is one of the cutest French nail art designs.

17. Shining golden strips on French tip nails:

Pink base and white edges form this manicure. On the ring fingers, two shiny golden strips are placed parallel to the tips. This is a great way to ornament your nails.

18. Gentle and classic French tips nails:

This design is created on short square-oval-shaped nails. Here a creamy pink shade forms the nail bed, and soft white color is used on the edges as a sharp contrast.

19. Pearlescent pink and white nails:

Pearl pink shade is used with white tips to create classy French tips nails. Again, this is a design for short nails. On the ring finger, glitter polish is applied. This sparkly glittery look is a love for all.

20. Rainbow colored French tip nails:

This nail art is different from usual French tip nail designs. This design is nice but easy, which anyone can try at home. In this design, the base nail is painted with pale pink, and the tips are painted using multi-colored polish. Women of all ages can try this.

21. French tip acrylic chevrons nails:

This design begins with a base light pink coat, and edges are designed as chevrons. This French manicure is the best for night parties.

22. Pink and gold embellished nails:

This French tip nail design has shining gold edges with a baby pink nail bed. This nail design goes well with crystal or silver jewelry.

23. Silver glitter French tips:

If you want to try something different than regular pink and white nails, then try this one. Here, pink painted base nail tips are highlighted with silver glitter polish.

24. Blue and silver French tips nails:

A light matte blue shade forms the base in this French manicure, and tips are highlighted with silver polish.


These are some French tips for nail art designs that anyone can explore. These designs will offer your nails a new look that will enhance your style on any occasion.

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