Google Scrapping: What it is and How does it Work?

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Google scrapping is a part of the online data extraction process. Online web scraping tools mainly gather information from a different bunch of websites and many URLs. Google scraping tools scan and generate data from search engines like yahoo and google search. Many companies offer APIs that help users to search for data and retrieve it from any google search query and search engines. All the data gathered from the search engine is then converted into raw HTML for the analyzing purpose. This is a very important tool used by digital marketing agencies.

Web Scraping

It is done by various automatic tools that help in downloading the source code. After this web scraping tool can go through and scan the entire source code and save the requested data, this process is known as Parsing.

This parsed data is then used by data analysts and then saved into the software to have proper insight and can take proper business decisions. Web scraping works in two parts: a web crawler and a web scraper. The web crawler is known as a “spider”, and the scrapper is known as a “chariot”. The crawler leads the way for scraper through the means of the internet, where the data extraction process takes place.

Google Scrapping:

Google scrapping is the almost same process except it is customized for the search engine. Google is very careful and protective of its user’s data and privacy and installs extremely heavy anti-bot measures. Thus, very few companies have the knowledge to retrieve useful information and large data from search engines.

Google scrapping is vitally important for many online businesses. For instance, most of the SEO tools are made by companies gathering a large amount of Google data in order to make search algorithms out of it. Other companies use google scrapping to carry out price monitoring by using the shopping section. As Google uses various measures to stop automatic data extraction like IP bans, Captcha, and many other tools, a good scraping tool should be developed in a way that it does not trigger these anti-bot measures.

What is Web Scraping used for?

•           Price Intelligence – gathering pricing and product information from various online websites

•           Market Research – it is driven by the most reliable and accurate information

•           Real Estate – by using scrapped product data, agents and brokers can make a smart information-based decision.

•           News & Content Monitoring – web scrapping news data is the best possible way for monitoring, parsing, and aggregating the stories from the industry.

•           Brand Monitoring – web scraping can help business sell products online and have a strict pricing policy

•           MAP Monitoring – Minimum Advertised Price is the standard rate to make sure that prices are matched with the pricing policy.


Several companies use Google scraper to gather data from various search engines on a large scale. These SEO tools are then utilized by businesses in need of SERP data for the proper insights and development of different SEO tools for digital marketing. Nowadays, everyone can take advantage of gathered data from the search engine for various purposes.

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