Great Work Environment, Happy Workers: Tips for Tackling Safety in the Office

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When it comes to workplace necessities, tidiness and cleanliness always come at the top – both pre and during COVID-19. No workplace is an exception, including the office which is often deemed as a very hazard-free and comfy environment.

As it happens, not taking tidiness and cleanliness serious enough poses certain risks for the employees same as in any other workplace, hence the need to consider both from a safety perspective. In order to acquire the essential office equipment and supplies one has to first evaluate the hazards workers are exposed to. In the office, the list of risks and the suitable gear would look something like this.

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling Accidents

You might think that ergonomic issues and creating an ergonomic and comfortable work environment are the utmost priorities, but no. You read this right, slips, trips, and falls are among the most common office accidents. In a span of 12 years, from 2003 to 2015 specifically, SafeWork Australia has recorded 386 deaths and 23% serious claims in the country’s workplaces from these easily preventable accidents.

To be able to implement the right strategies to tackle these risks, and ensure employee safety, it’s first crucial to note that there’s a difference between the slips and trips. While the first happen from slippery flooring conditions, the latter happen as a result from an obstacle along the way, which could either be an object or a surface. In turn, falls can be the result of either slips or trips.

All three could easily bring about minor bruises, and cuts, as well as serious musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, and dislocations, or even worse – loss of life. Being aware of this would help you acquire the needed gear from reliable office supply stores. Maintaining regular cleanliness isn’t only meant to keep the workplace spotless, considering it can help cut down the aforementioned risks.

Anti-Slip Solutions

In terms of preventing slips, you’d benefit from cleaning supplies, in the likes of mops, buckets, plus versatile spray cleaners that are cost-efficient and multi-use fit for office counters, desks, floors, as much as toilets and sinks. While we’re at cost-efficiency and optimal cleanliness, a portable vacuum cleaner that’s designed for both wet and dry surfaces would also come in handy with prompt attending to spills.

The elimination of slips can further be handled by adding grip with affordable non-slip and anti-fatigue mats strategically placed at entryways. Still, if you prefer office equipment of the sort that can cover a bigger surface anti-slip rugs could be just what you’re looking for.

Be sure to apply backing to further secure them, and if you’re up for something long-term, perhaps you’d consider applying a commercial flooring like vinyl as the ultimate anti-slip and durable solution. As a last resort, you should include sensible in and out of the office shoes code for support and comfort.

Anti-Trip Solutions

Lack of organisation in the office doesn’t just provide clutter – it leads to tripping hazards too. To make matters easier for everyone, the key is to seek for storage furniture pieces from the specialised office supplies online stores, in the likes of bins, service carts, cabinets, stationery cupboards, lockers, and office shelving storage sets.

Walkways ought to remain clutter-free, thus it’s advisable to keep a cart next to each employee’s desk. Stationery supplies also need supervising, in which case keeping the desk mess-free with suitable organisers is a must taking into account it’s also a way to increase office productivity.

This would ensure no objects, such as staples, pens, or even paperwork and boxes, find their way on the floors, or get misplaced. Now, in case you strive for a neat paperless and eco-friendly environment, cloud services could be a stepping stone for your business.

Given that workplaces have become digital to a great degree, most offices have computers, printers, smartphones, and other similar devices. Getting them connected to the grid, or charging them means there’d be many cords scattered around, which can pose a serious tripping threat. Besides labelling them to organise them, it would be best to add more power outlets all over the office to prevent cord trails from ending up where they don’t belong.

Anything can work as your organisational supplies – even something that seemingly doesn’t find its way in the office, such as rain gutters, installed at the back of desks. Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid covering cords with rugs because it’s a fire hazard. Getting them properly secured instead of stretching them through doorways and windows is ideal when preventing damage and exposing the wires.

Anti-Fall Solutions

As mentioned, slips and trips could result in falls. However, even if you tackle the risks of these two with suitable office equipment solutions that still doesn’t guarantee there’d be no falls. Office shelving may be handy for keeping the paper mess at bay, but fetching those papers occasionally poses a falling threat – especially if they’re stored high up. Hence the necessity for useful access equipment in the example of small step stools and ladders designed for the employees’ heights and weights.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The office makes for many more occupational problems than you might think. In fact, even something as seemingly far-fetched as biohazards can make their way in due to poor ventilation. Asthma, allergies, other respiratory sensitivities, as well as sensitivity to chemicals, are just some of the related issues that stem from inadequate ventilation, which then leads to water damage and mould growth respectively.

Implementing optimal housekeeping habits to clean and maintain the needed furnishings, equipment and supplies from the reliable office supplies shop is mandatory to prevent the accumulation of dust and allergens. Orderliness also refers to areas such as restrooms and kitchen/lunch break rooms.

To be certain no harmful chemicals make their way in and lead to poor indoor air quality, it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to the cleaning solutions too. Speaking of chemicals, avoiding VOCs for the furnishings would improve the air as well, though it would be best if you also establish regular checking and filtrating of the ventilation, heating, and cooling systems to prevent bacteria from thriving.

Scheduling regular pest control services, plus air testing is highly recommended to keep your employees safe, healthy, and happy. The benefit you’d get to reap from all this is increased productivity and quality of work, and of course fewer sick leaves and compensation claims!

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