8 Helpful Gadgets for Lawns and Gardens

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Maintaining a healthy lawn takes a lot of maintenance. Now, wherever there’s hard work involved, there’s always a tool to make it easier. Those who want to work smarter instead of harder usually end up turning towards various helpful gadgets. Each of these tools gives you a simpler, more sophisticated way of handling a task. Here’s a brief list of interesting 8 choices that can significantly change the way you approach gardening. At least considering buying some (if not all of them) will be a decision that your garden will come to thank you for.

Moisture monitor

The moisture of the soil is one of the key factors in providing your plants with optimal growing conditions. Whenever it comes to irrigation problems, you’re probably expecting to hear a story about the lack of water. However, the soil can be oversaturated with moisture and, during the summer days, this can make the plants burn out a lot quicker. Soil moisture sensors can help you keep this under control. Most importantly, it can be synced with your Wi-Fi irrigation system. By programming it, you would really make your garden self-sustainable.

Lawn racker

Raking the lawn is one of the key functions that can contribute to its health. In the late spring and early autumn, scarifying the lawn with a lawn raker can help the grass grow stronger than ever before. Now, a lot of people confuse a lawn scarifier and a lawn raker, which is no surprise really, seeing as how these two gadgets have similar functions. The thing is that lawn raker uses metal tines on springs, while scarifier uses vertical rotating blades. The purpose behind the two is, more or less, the same.

Leaf collector

Collecting leaves is one of the most arduous gardening tasks there are. The reason why this is such a horrible chore is that it takes too long, even though it’s not particularly labor-intensive. With a leaf collector, it would be a lot easier to handle this task. In fact, the way this equipment functions, all you would have to do is use it in the similar way you usually use a lawnmower. You look around your garden/backyard and stir it in any direction in which you see leaves. Emptying it into bags is also one of the simplest things there are.

Hose reel

Regardless of how sophisticated your irrigation system is, what you need is a quality garden hose. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the hose is just one part of the equation. While choosing it, you need to pay attention to length and the material that it’s made of but also place orders on additional equipment. By adding a hose-end sprayer, you can turn it into both maintenance and irrigation equipment. Getting a hose reel is also important for your ability to store the hose and make it more mobile, on-demand. Overall, you have so much work ahead of you.

Weed killing steamer

Another thing you need is a way to kill weeds on your property without using a hoe. A weed-killing steamer is highly effective but there’s something special about using it, as well. Namely, there is a surprisingly large audience of people who are both tech-savvy and love gardening. This unique piece of equipment gives you a chance to get the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that this allows you to remove weeds without chemicals. Other than just in your garden, you can also use this steamer in order to clean your pavement (concrete, stone, brick pavers). In other words, just like the hose and the leaf collector, this is a maintenance tool, as well.

Robotic lawnmower

Mowing the lawn is a difficult task mostly due to its required frequency. You need to mow the lawn fairly often in order to keep your place tidy-looking. At the same time, by doing this too often you won’t leave your grass blades enough surface to sustainably feed themselves. In other words, these lawn-mowing sessions need to be carefully scheduled. The task itself can become a lot simpler with a robotic lawnmower on your side. Does this investment pay off? It mostly depends on the surface of your lawn. Still, a strong argument can be made in its favor.


Birds need water to survive, seeing as how it’s essential for both their ability to preen and quench their thirst. One of the best things about a birdbath is the fact that it provides you with improvement to the backyard area design. When done properly, it could act like a backyard pond. These birdbaths, however, are another thing to control in your backyard. They need to be cleaned and refilled. During different seasons, they need to be moved, removed or cleaned more frequently. Overall, it’s a great addition to your garden but it does come at a cost.

Electric bug zapper

An electric bug zapper is probably one of the things that will change your quality of life outdoors the most. Insects are attracted to bug zappers, which means that the efficiency of this device can be through the roof. Just keep in mind that using this device ethically isn’t such an easy job. Mosquitoes are just one part of the bug population affected by bug zappers. When you’re not outside, the bug zapper should be off. Also, leaving it on overnight is no a good idea and may cause damage to the biological integrity of your garden.

In conclusion

Lawns and gardens require a lot of work and specialized tools can make this job a lot easier. While a lot of the above-listed tools are not essential, they do provide a huge amount of value. Namely, you need to keep in mind that each of the above-listed tools can be replaced with a more primitive alternative. While this is not an ideal solution it does make one thing abundantly clear. You don’t have to buy them all at once (or at all). There’s always time to upgrade your gardening inventory.

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