Home Staging: The Best Way to Sell Your Home

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Out of all the rooms in the home, the living room is the space where a great number of people spend most of their time. This is the place where homeowners entertain their family and friends, where they unwind after a long day at work, and simply put – the place where they live. This is why, when you try and present your home for sale – home staging, it is essential you pay close attention to the living room because potential buyers will too. Once they enter your home and start their tour, they will surely take their time in the living room.

Home staging comes into action right from the living room. Experts know the few key components that make every living room market-ready, and they will help you get there. Colors, décor, and furniture pieces all need to work together to create one wholesome and welcoming room.

What follows are some essential staging tips regarding the living room. If you keep reading, you will also find out more about an innovative and cost-effective option for getting your home market-ready – virtual home staging. Well, let’s dive in!

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter Everything

This is of utmost importance in home staging. And we simply can’t stress it enough! Shelves, coffee tables, and any other surface – they all need to be clean and neatly organized. When you prepare your living room for sale, make sure that you tone down the décor pieces. Don’t decorate like you would live there, but rather leave the space emptier so that potential buyers can picture themselves living there. Sure, add a piece or two, don’t leave it completely bare – but be mindful not to overdo it.

Homebuyers can get easily distracted if you crowd the space with unnecessary details. By keeping things lighter, you will let the room speak for itself, not the details. And that is what really counts for buyers. Moreover, if you don’t crowd the space with small details, it will appear much larger than it really is. It will look more open and welcoming.

Neutralize the Color Palette

Different buyers have different tastes, and in order to make sure that your room speaks to everyone, go for a neutral makeover. As we already stated, the living room is high on the scale of priorities when home hunting, so you need to make sure that the color palette fits a wide range of potential buyers. It would cost a fortune to change the rug and furniture pieces each time different buyers come to look at the space.

Don’t get us wrong; colorful pieces are charming too. You can leave some, like the armchair, for instance. Just be careful; too much color leads to a great mess. Once you neutralize the more significant pieces, you can add color and accent with well-chosen décor pieces. Again, don’t crowd the space, and you will do great.

Make Sure All Furniture Pieces Are to Scale and Fitting

This has proven to be a problem for many, which is why we strongly suggest you take a second look at all your furniture pieces during home staging and make sure they fit the space perfectly. Avoid big, bulky pieces if your room is smaller – it will look crowded and feel cramped. And avoid using smaller pieces if your living room is spacey and large. It will look empty and feel cold and unwelcoming.

The right arrangement of furniture pieces, especially the bigger ones, will allow potential buyers to correctly judge the space – its size, potential, and warmth. If you decide to get rid of some of the pieces, you can easily store them away and use them again once you conclude the sale. It may seem like a daunting experience, but it is very much needed if you want to make a successful sale.

Make Sure There Are Conversation Areas and Good Traffic Flow

In order to make the entire living room space more inviting and balanced, make sure that there is a focal point present. The focal point can be a fireplace, a beautiful window view, or an entertainment center. Once you find and create your ideal focal point, you should arrange the furniture pieces around it or facing it. This area is also known as the conversation area, where families and friends spend their free time.

Besides that, when staging the living room, you should also ensure there is enough free space for buyers to move around. Good traffic flow will show them that once they move in, they will be able to move through the room in a natural way. This can be key, and it can make or break the deal. So pay attention.

A New, Cost-Effective Approach: Virtual Home Staging

All of the above is necessary and important, but imagine achieving it in just a few hours, without having to move the entire room (and home) around. Well, this can be done by experts in virtual staging. Your job here is to go through a few living room staging ideas, find what you like, and have it done quickly and cost-effectively.

Yes, today you can virtually stage any part of your home, for a low price, with excellent results. All your ideas will be perfectly integrated, and changes can be made with just a few clicks, not by hiring a moving company. You should also consider the fact that a great number of potential buyers may look for their future home online, and the best way to showcase yours on the internet is by using virtual staging instead of the traditional option.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Regardless of your choice, whether you go for traditional or virtual staging, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. They will help you stay on top of the game and will allow you to present your home, especially your living room, in the best possible light.

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