How can you get bitcoins: Tried and tested process

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If you want to get access to valuable things, you need to work hard to earn them, or you will need to spend money to purchase them. The exact process goes for getting bitcoins. If you want to get access to bitcoin, you will need money to purchase it. But, you may not always have to pay to get access to bitcoin. You can also get bitcoins for free through different platforms available. If you are still sceptical about how to get bitcoins, we have got some of the best options for you that will help you get access to bitcoins.

Get bitcoins online

The easiest way to get free bitcoins is by downloading a bitcoin wallet. It is software that will help you in sending, receiving, and storing funds in bitcoin. There are different bitcoin wallet providers. After downloading the bitcoin wallet, you may need to set up an account with the crypto exchange that has offered you the wallet.

Most crypto exchanges will accept a bank transfer or a credit card payment system. You can also check whether they accept the PayPal payment or not. There are hundreds of crypto exchanges that you can check to know about this. Some of the most famous exchanges include Coinbase and Coinmama. In addition, you can check other platforms wealth matrix for bitcoin transactions.

Get bitcoin in person.

When you want to purchase bitcoins in person, you have the following choices available:

  • You can use different websites to get access to bitcoin ATMs. First, however, you should know that bitcoin ATMs work similarly to regular ATMs.
  • You can also look for platforms like LibertyX to find retail stores. These retail stores will offer you bitcoins in exchange for cash.
  • There are websites like Paxful where you can find the bank branches that will offer you bitcoin by giving them cash.
  • LocalBitcoin is another website where you can exchange bitcoin for cash.

Can you get bitcoin for free?

Yes, you can get it for free. Following are the significant ways that will help you in getting bitcoins for free:

Online games

You can now play online games to get bitcoins without spending a penny. Thus, you can have maximum entertainment and fun in addition to earning free bitcoins. There are many games that you can enjoy on your phone and computer. So, if you are looking for games that you can play for free, make sure to do some research. You may get many advertisements when you look for free bitcoin games. But, many times, they are frauds. So, try to be aware of your surroundings when looking for games like these.

Do jobs to earn bitcoins.

Another best way to earn bitcoins without paying any money is by completing different work on the websites. Many companies these days are paying in bitcoin. Thus, you can test their website, take surveys, and complete small tasks like these to earn a few tokens.

These days, you may also come across websites that reward people in bitcoin when they answer a few questions. So, if you are interested in getting bitcoin for free, try to look for websites like these.

Read and earn

Yes, you read it right. You can also earn bitcoins by reading books. Most often, companies attract customers by offering games that enable them to play simple games. These are a great way to attract customers. There are lots of bitcoin faucets that are competing to get attention from customers. Users don’t rely on faucets as an essential source of income. Thus, many times they don’t want to do tedious and small tasks.

Many bitcoin faucets want to look for ways that can enable them to engage users. Thus, they look for people who can read. They sometimes offer compensation to people who read many classic books. These websites come up with a list of books that can help you in earning free bitcoins. So, if you want to earn bitcoins without spending any money, this is one of the best processes that you can try out.

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