How Commercial Photography Impact Ecommerce Performance

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Around 1.66 Billion people shop through online stores, which constitutes approximately 21% of the world’s population. Can you imagine how huge profits the eCommerce industry makes? Every single minute a new eCommerce company comes into existence and a new competitor arises. New businesses and brand names entering this pool become daunting to convince and attract buyers to their eCommerce site. You need to stand out from the crowd in every aspect to have a monolithic eCommerce business. Many renowned eCommerce companies hire commercial photographers who are able to present their products in a better way, as Commercial Photography has a great impact on such businesses.

Entering a fiercely competitive market isn’t easy; you should brace yourself first with the best quality photographs, marketing strategy, and team to stay intact in the competition. You need to make a better representation of your goods and services to attract customers, and for that, commercial photography can help. Following are some interesting and remarkable ways in which commercial photography impact eCommerce businesses’ performance:

Best Way To Attract & Convince Your Potential Buyers

No matter the industry you are in, from technology to fashion, you need to have a USP to attract customers. Seeing the competition level in the market for almost every business, it has become imperative to stand out from the crowd. Among all the marketing tricks, tips, and strategies, the most impactful things are product photography. Customers attract from what they see.

When you search for a product online, we see how attractive it looks and then read out its specifications. Therefore, you should focus on your product/services photography for attracting and convincing customers. According to a survey, around 90% of online buyers feel that product image quality is a driving factor for sales as it attracts more customers.

E-commerce sites like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc., are focused on specific product image size as it is a major deciding factor. Over 60 million items are listed on this website, and researches have shown that images play an essential role in an online sale for more than 90% of the customers.

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Boosts Engagement

The more attractive and optimal quality of your product will be, the more engagement it gets. Enhanced product shots get more customers and boost sales than blurry pictures. Therefore, nowadays, commercial photography is given much emphasis in the eCommerce industry. In the internet world, what you see online matters a lot. It imposes an impact on the product and services in your mind.

Professional photographers do proper photoshoots to get great pictures of the company’s products and services. Photographers like Sam Gibson, who master commercial photography in Bristol, say online shopping is meaningless without the products’ right image. Using larger size pictures can also have a significant impact on the engagement of products and boost sales.

Besides product quality and size, 360° images are getting a huge appraisal. Customers get an exact idea about the product appearance as they can spin it around. Many businesses leverage 360° photos to create a great offline experience online for a stimulating and attractive shopping experience. 

Reduce Return Rates With Clear Picture

When you get your product and services photographs clicked by a professional commercial photographer, you get premium quality images. With good color accuracy, lights, and background, it is easier for customers to contemplate and come to a decision. The images on your eCommerce site are the only thing that your customers can see, and based on those, and they make a purchase. Therefore, it is a plus for your business to have an attractive product profile.

If you want to decrease your return rates and boost sales, providing the best product images upfront can help. Your conversion rates will improve dramatically, and simultaneously, you will acknowledge a sudden drop in the return rate with great quality images. A decline of 40% in return rates have been seen after replacing low-quality images with higher definition images. 

The images help the customers get a closer look at the product, and lower quality images hinder the customer’s vision. No matter how great quality products you offer, you won’t get a single conversion in the eCommerce industry without good quality pictures.

Build a Customer’s Trust & Confidence

High-quality images can overcome the touch and feel barrier that online shopping has. If your product images are of optimal quality, a customer is more likely to buy those items. A three-fold trend is seen in a product’s selling rate with high-quality photos than a product with low-quality ones. The person running an eCommerce website knows the competition’s pressure and how each and everything matters when selling products online.

If you give importance to all the aspects, then why to leave behind the images, which are the only way you can showcase your products to your customers. No matter what you believe, good quality products’ images play an important role in the selling process. The more your product appeals to your customers, the more chances there are of selling those products.

High-quality Can Be Purchase’s Social Trigger

Images on your eCommerce website can make or break your revenue, so it is a good idea to get your products/services captured by a professional photographer. When you are selling products online, you put up an image, seeing which customer decides whether to buy this product or not. So, don’t you think you should upload the best possible picture out there for getting the most out of it? Posting these images on social media can greatly benefit as it can pull the trigger on purchases.

Even great quality pictures can decrease your cart abandonment rate and can typically recover sales in no time. The customers can have an exact idea about your products. Photographs bring products to life and have the power to attract potential customers and entice them to make a purchase.

The Bottom Line

It can be a daunting task to promote new products on eCommerce sites, but good-quality images can boost sales. If you post HD quality pictures of products and services on your website, it has a competitive advantage and improves your eCommerce business.

Author Bio: Oliver James is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director,

speaker, and author. Traveling throughout the year to pursue the farthest expansion of the earth. Oliver works to capture the stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature and the world.

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