How Do You Maintain Your Tools?

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For a tradie, their tools and equipment are what enable them to work. That also means that quality tools reflect in their work, and many tradies do invest in good tools. Replacing these tools can be expensive which is why you should consider taking consistent care of your tools. Not doing this can lead to the tools wearing down faster, affecting their longevity.

When a tradie doesn’t perform routine tool maintenance, their tools can also become a hazard. Think about trying to cut a wire with blunt equipment, or leaving loose and exposed wires lying around in the workshops. Tool maintenance for tradies is also an essential way of preventing workplace accidents. You can also protect your tools and equipment with tradie insurance. Find out more about how tradie insurance can help you protect your tradie tools.

How Do Tradies Perform Tool Maintenance?

Different tools will require different care methods and techniques. Depending on your career path as a tradie, the tools you work with will change. A gardener doesn’t use the same tools as an electrician, etc.

General tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and more, have common tool maintenance techniques that apply to all tradies. Other tools, such as specialized equipment, wooden tools, gardening tools, and others, need to be cared for in a different way.

Here’s how you can maintain your tradie tools.

Hand Tools

For hand tools, you can begin with gently cleaning the tools using soap and water, then dry the tools with a clean cloth. Begin the procedure by first wiping away any dust or dirt on the tools, then use a clean cloth dampened with soap water to clean your tools.

If you notice any rust forming on your tools, you can use a fine steel brush to rub the rust or corrosion off. After the tool is clean from rust, ensure that you apply mineral spirits on the tool. This helps you remove any grime deposits, leaving behind clean and shiny hand tools.

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools need to be hung up when they are stored. You can hang them using hooks you can find at any hardware store. These tools should also be cleaned carefully, avoiding any chemicals or toxic substances. This is as, when the tools are used in the garden again, these harmful substances can transfer into the soil and affect the plants.

Instead, use simple soap water to clean your gardening tools. When the tools are dry, apply a layer of mineral oil to finish the tool maintenance routine. You can also use linseed oil for this process, however, consider avoiding harsh oils such as motor oil.

Power Tools

These refer to tools that need electricity to run, and this means that your first step will always be to unplug the device. Never clean a power tool while it is still plugged in, as you could potentially get electrocuted.

To clean your power tools, you can wipe the tools down using a clean cloth. You will also need to lubricate the machine parts. If you don’t do this, the machine parts will wear down and make the tools unusable. This happens as the parts are running together, and the lubrication is what prevents the machine parts from wearing down.

Toolbox and Other Accessories

You may have certain accessories that are made of leather, such as belts and bags. These should never be immersed in water. Instead, first shake the accessory to remove dust. Then use a brush that has soft bristles to clean every nook and cranny, leaving no dist deposits. Finally, apply a leather conditioner to finish.

Your toolbox also has to be cleaned at least once a month. This also helps keep it organized and keeps you informed about where your tools are. To clean your toolbox, simply empty the box and wipe down the tool box with a clean cloth. Then wait for the tool to dry before you place your tools back inside.


Aside from these useful tips, there are many other factors you should take into consideration to protect your tools. These include not leaving your tools exposed to high temperatures, storing them away from humidity, performing regular inspections, and more.

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