Minecraft Campfire – Step By Step Guide

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One of the key aspects of the Minecraft game is the Campfire in Minecraft. Minecraft Campfire has multiple applications in the game apart from just aestheticism. Let us now see a few of them.

  • Minecraft campfire can light up the nearby areas.
  • It is also used as a melting tool to melt the ice blocks around it.
  • It can be used as the signal point for the home base.
  • Not only is this but it also used to cook your raw food.

Now the questions arises, how to create campfire in Minecraft. Lets get to the step by step guide for creating the most desirable Minecraft Campfire.

The Three Main Raw Materials in Minecraft Campfire

  • 3 wooden sticks
  • 1 charcoal or 1 coal
  • 3 logs of wood from Oak, spruce, Acacia, or Birch tree.

Perceiving analogously, while you fire the campfire, what are the raw materials required to make a campfire. I am sure this question must have popped in your mind. The first and foremost thing is the fuel. The best fuel that can be used is charcoal. Nothing matches better than this fuel as it requires less time to burn with minimal ash. 

Next, you need some small wooden sticks. These sticks are meant to catch fire which initiates the firing process. But it is also important to make sure that the fire remains for a longer duration of time. Wooden sticks are good no doubt, but cannot compete with the larger logs of wood. These logs of wood are used to enhance the efficiency of the entire campfire lit-up process. 

Same way, when we talk about a campfire in virtual life, the process remains the same. Only the difference lies in arranging them in the correct order. 

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How To Extract the Raw Material for Campfire in Minecraft?

As you got the idea as if how to create the Minecraft campfire using the key raw materials. Now, we shall be looking at the ways through which you can extract that raw material. Here we go then.

The wooden sticks can be produced using the crafting process. Coal ore can be located easily that can be found in the last deposits. Generally, you can find it in the 4 to 15 blocks below level. Yet for digging, you require the pickaxe to mine for the coal as another tool cannot be used for this process. 

Next, you need a wooden log. This log can be obtained by locating the appropriate tree, then find the right axe. This axe should be sharp enough to chop the tree within less time frame. For this, you need to left-click on the tree’s trunk to hold it at one position. Accordingly, depending on the chopping speed, the tree’s trunk will get chopped off. Finally, you will get the requisite log. In this way, you can obtain all the raw materials. 

How To Craft a Campfire in Minecraft

Crafting a campfire is one of the tedious tasks. Yet while you go through this article, everything will get easier while we proceed further. 

Step-1: In the nutshell

To start the campfire in minecraft, it is important to open the crafting area which is made up of 3X3 grid. In short, always place 3 wooden logs in the last row, coal which is the fuel should be placed at the center and the three sticks on the remaining side of the coal. As the campfire is ready, now you can simply drag it and place it in your inventory.

Step-2 Place the stick

The stick is an important raw material in any Minecraft campfire ignition. You have made the grid of 3X3 size. Next, you need to place the first stick on the first cell of the second column in a grid. The second stick is required to put at the second cell of the first column. The third one will need to be placed on the second cell of the third column. In this way, you are creating the zone where these sticks could ignite quickly. 

Step-3 Place the coal.

Coal is the fuel of the entire campfire. Hence, it needs to be placed at the center of the grid. From there on, it can reach out to wooden sticks and the wooden blocks below it. Place the single coal exactly at the center of the grid that is the second cell of the second row. 

In this way, you are creating the campfire in such a way that it looks realistic. Wooden logs at the bottom, coal the center, and the wooden sticks surrounding it. In this way, you can create the Minecraft campfire. 

Step – 4 Place the wooden blocks or the logs

The primary step is the foundation, where all the other raw materials rest. On the 3X3 grid, place these three wooden logs on the last row altogether. In other words, position these wooden blocks on the previous cells of all three columns. 

Step-5 Put the campfire in your inventory.

As you have put the final nail in the coffin, lastly, you need to drag it to your inventory. After doing that, you are good to go to place it wherever you like. 

Before we sum up our article for creating Minecraft Campfire, don’t miss to check out this amazing video for Campfire Build Hacks in Minecraft.


Summarizing it entirely in short, that lighting a campfire is one of the most intriguing tasks in Minecraft. Similar matching to real life, in this game as well, you needs raw materials to kickstart the campfire. Also, you require placing all the raw materials in the correct order to initiate the process rightfully.  

Thanks for your valuable time in going through this topic. If you found it worthy and helpful, don’t forget to share it with your fellow mates and colleagues. Let Minecraft Campfire be the cup of coffee in everybody’s lives. Have a great life ahead. Cheers!

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