How much does a master’s degree cost in Singapore?

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Do you want to study abroad but are concerned about the cost of tuition? Singapore would be your best study destination to pursue a master’s degree because of its low tuition fees, excellent education system, multiculturalism, high standard of living, and much more.

Living in Singapore will vary depending on the city that you choose to live in, which includes accommodation costs, utility costs, transportation costs, and food expenses.

However, the average tuition fee you should expect to pay is SGD 35,000–45,000 per year, and the living expenses you are likely to incur could be nearly SGD 10,000–12,000 per year.

The best thing about studying in Singapore is that it is affordable, has an interactive environment, has low tuition fees, and includes other benefits.

Types of universities in Singapore 

A master’s education in Singapore is more than just an opportunity to study abroad; it gives you the chance to access world-class education at some of the best universities. You will get to study excellent programs which have an updated curriculum and you will be taught by an experienced faculty using hi-tech teaching tools.

In Singapore, there are two types of universities: public universities and foreign and international universities.

As public universities are government-sponsored universities if you are an international student applying to a public university, you must work for a Singapore-registered company for at least three years after graduation.

 For foreign and international universities, tuition fees and costs will vary depending on your level of study.

What are the tuition fees in Singapore?

Before paying the tuition fees, you also bear pre-arrival costs for the visa application and other entrance examinations.

The annual tuition fee you will pay for postgraduate courses is approximately S$18,000 to S$25,000; however, if you want a master’s degree from public universities like NUS and NTU, the tuition fees will be S$5,000 to S$40,000, depending on the subject that you have chosen.

The subsidy amount provided by the government is not available to all students; if you want to enrol in Singapore universities, you must self-finance your studies; however, your eligibility for the subsidy amount will be determined by the programmes that you choose.

Besides tuition fees, you must pay for your accommodation, which costs between S$400 and S$800 per month. 

You can reduce your monthly expenses by sharing your apartment, doing part-time jobs, and having a study travel card will help you manage your money by reducing your expenditures.

Is Singapore a good place to study masters?

Singapore would be the right choice for you if you’re looking for top-ranked universities, high standards of teaching and learning, world-renowned academics, and state-of-the-art research facilities.

Singapore has low tuition fees and top universities with the best education in the world. It has outstanding academic excellence and offers the best opportunities in the world.

For international students, Singapore is a more cost-effective study-abroad destination, and earning a master’s degree from Singapore will provide ample growth opportunities and assistance in settling back home.

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