How Phone Verification Can Help You Stop Wasting Resources

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Wise business owners know that resources are always limited. Even when you have plenty of staff and steady revenue, you should use resources only as needed to avoid wasting time and money. In order to do so, you must identify the processes that are a potential drain on your company. Are you throwing too much money at tasks that could be more efficient if outsourced? Are you devoting too many man-hours to resolving preventable customer service problems? Perhaps, like many companies, you’re combatting low-quality data and the ripple effect of issues it can cause. If this sounds familiar, a phone verification service may be able to provide the solution you’re looking for.

What Is Phone Verification?

If you’ve never heard of phone verification, it’s exactly what it sounds like — the verification of a phone number provided by a client. You might wonder — why would you need to verify this information? Phone verification offers a number of advantages to businesses, but one of the most important is the automation of a particularly time-consuming process. When you receive data from a customer, you may assume that it’s reliable, but this assumption can leave your company susceptible to fraud, rejected deliveries, unfulfilled orders, and plenty of other problems that incur major losses.

BatchData is a unique verification tool that empowers businesses to quickly verify the details of a phone number, including its carrier, whether it’s on the Do Not Call registry, and whether it is confirmed as reachable. This information can help you make informed decisions about your clients and mitigate your liability for fraud. With an easy-to-use API and a processor that can handle millions of listings, you can call confidently when you’ve confirmed the details of a phone number.

Uses And Benefits

In addition to preventing wasted time and money, verification can streamline your customer service, too. If your business deals in deliverables, an address verification API is a crucial tool. Leverage a wealth of real-time location data to automatically correct address data, verify its details, and improve the user experience for customers. A few clicks can reveal an address’ time zone, congressional district, six-digit zip code, and geographical coordinates. The latter of these is particularly important if you deliver goods or services to clients’ locations. An address is often insufficient to find an exact location, but coordinates offer incredible precision.

The benefits of address verification are similar to those of phone verification. Just as phone verification can help you cut down on fraud, address verification can help you minimize the chance of a chargeback or fraudulent order transaction. When used in conjunction, both of these tools can offer an incredibly powerful defense against many of the data quality issues companies deal with on a daily basis. You can harness high-quality data, stop wasting resources, and learn how to automate your business’ most essential data management tasks with a verification API.

Take advantage of the security that a verification tool can offer. Your resources are precious and they shouldn’t be wasted on bad data.

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