How to Choose the Best Birth Control Method

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There are multiple birth control methods available today. This may make you end up confused regarding the most suitable method of birth control. There could be many factors you need to consider while selecting a birth control method.

Factors To Consider


Your age has a lot to do with choosing the birth control method. A young person may look for a long-term method. This is because he may have frequent intercourse. He may also not be at a point to accept a child in his life. 

An older person may look for something that suits his health needs. He may look for something that has the least adverse effects. At a younger age, finances may be a crucial consideration. At a later age, health will hold more importance than finances.


Health is again a crucial factor while selecting the birth control method. There are many birth control methods available for you to choose from. You need to consider how each of these methods will impact your health. For example, some hormonal birth control pills may not suit your existing health conditions.

There could be birth control pills that cause drug interactions with medicines you are having. In all such cases, you need to try alternatives. Pick a birth control measure that suits your health best. Go for something that prevents pregnancy without harming your health.


This is another crucial factor to consider. If you are a bachelor who is having an active sex life, it would be better to choose long-term birth control methods. Spinsters may prefer IUDs over regular methods of birth control because it is a long-term option with maximum effectiveness.

If you are someone who already has children, your priorities may change. You may consider vasectomy because it is a permanent solution. It allows you to enjoy your love life without being bothered about pregnancy in your partner.


Another prominent criterion while selecting the birth control option is affordability. People look for options to prevent pregnancy that falls in their affordability range. People always look for reliable and cheaper alternatives.


People always look for the easiest way to do things. Many times, getting the condom out and using it simply kills the mood. This could be one reason why most people prefer contraceptive pills or IUDs rather than condoms. The most convenient option will be the most popular among people.

Thankfully, there are many different options in birth control. Everyone can choose what suits their requirements best. It is important to understand the different birth control measures available to you and how each helps. Understanding these will help you make the right choice.

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Birth Control Methods


One of the popular forms of protection from pregnancy is male condoms. These also help to protect against a number of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are readily available in all medical shops and pharmacies. These are completely affordable too.

The only drawback with condoms is that in rare cases, condoms may burst. If you don’t wear them properly, they may not be able to protect against unwanted pregnancy. You need to decide whether it is still a convenient option for you.


This is the most reliable option for men who do not want any more kids. Vasectomy is a very short surgical procedure and the person undergoing it can return home the same day. The doctors surgically seal the tube that brings sperms to the male organ. It is 100% efficient and painless. It also falls among the affordable birth control options.

Birth Control Pills

These are used by women for preventing unwanted pregnancy. They are quite effective in most cases. The birth control pills available these days have regulated amounts of hormones. This ensures that the adverse effects of these pills are minimized. There are two types of birth control pills available in the market. These are progestin-only pills and combination pills. You can choose the one that seems best. Women who are allergic to estrogen medicines may choose the progestin-only counterpart.

Emergency Birth Control Pills

These are birth control pills that should only be used during emergencies. These have a very high concentration of hormones and so should not be used for regular contraception.


IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) is an effective means of birth control. In this, a T-shaped device is inserted into a woman’s vagina in order to avoid impregnation. There are two types of IUDs available in the market. These are copper IUDs and hormone IUDs. Both of these are effective long-term means of preventing pregnancy. These devices are available online too with a doctor’s prescription.

What to keep in mind while purchasing birth control online or offline?

There are many things one needs to remember while purchasing these birth control options online. Here we have listed these for your knowledge:

  • Always check the expiry date of the birth control you are purchasing. The birth control won’t be effective if they have crossed the expiry date.
  • Make sure you purchase birth control only from reliable, licensed, and authorized retailers.
  • Always buy medicines from pharmacies that insist on a prescription.
  • Compare rates on different websites. Rates of birth control should fall in the same range online or offline. Be alert if there is a remarkable difference in the prices.
  • Look for online pharmacies that deliver to your location. 
  • Always read the terms and conditions of the pharmacy before placing the order.
  • Read the refund and return policy carefully before you place the order.
  • Look for discounts when you purchase birth control in bulk.

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