How To Clean & Maintain Your High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

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High gloss kitchen cabinets not only look attractive but are also comparatively easy to clean and maintain. But when sticky substances like juice, sauce, oil, or gravy get on that shiny surface, you have to clean the cabinets thoroughly to preserve its glossy character. Although cleaning cabinets is not rocket science, you need to follow specific necessary steps and be careful while cleaning in order to get the optimum results.

This article explains the process and tips for cleaning & maintaining high gloss kitchen cabinets. But before we understand what the process and tips are, let us know what high gloss cabinets are.

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What are High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

In simple terms, high gloss cabinets are the cabinets that have a mirror-like shiny outer surface that reflects the light. This gloss surface finish can be added to the cabinets using multiple materials like PVC, gloss lacquer, acrylic, and membrane.

High gloss cabinets give a modern touch to your kitchen and are preferred when you want to make the kitchen visually larger.

If you have purchased the kitchen cabinets online or from a wholesale kitchen cabinets seller, you may have received the cleaning & maintenance guide, but in case, if you haven’t got one, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of essential tips and a step-by-step procedure guide on cleaning gloss kitchen cabinets! Check this out.

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Step-by-step Guide to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

The high gloss kitchen cabinets required cleaning every day. However, if you are not using it too much or don’t have that much time to clean it every day- you can clean it once or twice a week. It is recommended that you always use gentle detergents and washing liquid to clean the gloss cabinets instead of harsh cleaners like bleach.

The abrasive like bleach will lessen the shine of the glossy cabinets if it is used repeatedly. Follow the below procedure while cleaning the high gloss kitchen cabinets to get the best result.

Step 1: First, clean the cabinets using a dry soft cotton cloth. Wipe out the dust from the door surface.

Step: 2: Add a required quantity of any antibacterial washing liquid in a gallon of warm water.

Step 3: Add a spoon of vinegar to the solution if you are cleaning some stubborn stains, caked-on grease, or splotches from sauces.

Step 4: Soak a soft microfiber cloth into this solution and start cleaning the gloss surface.

Step 5: Ensure you clean the surface in the top to the bottom direction and not in a circular motion.

Step 6: Start from the top, work on a small area, and then move towards the bottom to avoid streaks; always adopt this pattern while cleaning high gloss kitchen cabinets.

Step 7: Once the washing is done, wipe the residue with a wet cotton cloth. Next, clean the cabinets with a clean, dry microfiber towel until you get the high shine.

Step 8: Wipe out the door with soft cotton cloth again if you feel there is still moisture.

You’ve done the job! But remember the different types of gloss cabinets require different types of upkeep. For example, PVC gloss cabinets are easy to clean while acrylic gloss cabinets are comparatively tricky to clean and need little more attention as it is prone to scratches.

On the other hand, Melamine gloss cabinets are relatively new and easy to clean. The gloss lacquered cabinets are the glossiest of all these and required maximum care and maintenance to ensure they shine for years.

How to Maintain High Gloss Cabinets?

Maintenance of the high gloss kitchen cabinets is as necessary as the cleaning. Unlike vintage kitchen cabinets, gloss cabinets are new types of cabinets that demand extra care. If you want the cabinets to shine for years, you must clean them regularly. Make sure you don’t bring sharp kitchen accessories like a knife or fork near the gloss surface to avoid scratches on the door’s surface.

If you have the kitchen cabinets with drawers, you should also clean the drawers once a month to ensure that the issues like odors and others don’t go unchecked. Also, clean the back wall and the bottom of the interior on a regular basis.

If the odor issue doesn’t go away, you can use a kitchen cabinet deodorizer or place a baking soda or vinegar box covered by paper with small holes on top. You can even place a newspaper on every shelf, which will absorb the smells naturally. Don’t forget to replace the paper every month.

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Tips to Clean High Gloss Cabinets

1. Don’t use bleach abrasive cleaners or solvent-based cleaners. These materials will damage the finish and make the surface look dull.

2. Always prefer antibacterial washing liquid. If you are not sure about the ingredients, check with the manufacturer.

3. You must not use scrapers, brushes, paper towels, or scourers to clean the exterior of the high gloss kitchen cabinets.

4. Always clean the cabinets from top to bottom and not in the circular pattern.

5. Remove the moisture or any water left on the surface after cleaning. If not dried properly, the gloss surface will lose the color or warping.


The cleaning and maintaining the high gloss kitchen cabinets is not difficult if you follow the above-mentioned process and tips. All you need is a tablespoon of mild antibacterial dishwashing liquid, a soft microfiber cloth, and patience!

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