How To Clean Your Laminate Floors (Without Ruining Them)

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Laminate floors are affordable options for wood or hybrids. They are easy enough to install that most people with knowledge of using tools can handle. Plus, when damage does occur, the pieces can be removed and a new piece pushed into its place. But with everything you use regularly, it will need to be cleaned. This comes to the main thought of this article, which is how to clean laminate floors without ruining them.

It may seem pretty straightforward, but it is not as easy as throwing some cleaner into the mop bucket and some water and slapping the combination onto the floor. If you remember, laminate flooring is not the most water-resistant type of flooring. You want to avoid using substantial fluids when cleaning. If you follow the steps below, you will be able to effectively clean your floor without causing damage.

Read The Owners Information

If you are like most people, you take all the paperwork given to you with your purchase and throw it into a drawer somewhere. Or, more commonly, thrown into the garbage can. Hopefully, you are reading this before that happens.

Still, if not, you can always call the company you purchased the flooring from to get another copy or find detailed instructions online. The point is to read the information from front to back, paying close attention to the manufacturer’s suggested cleaning routines and tasks.

Set a Weekly Cleaning Routine

It may be hard to fit some cleaning into your busy life, but you must do so. It is essential to clean your laminate flooring at least once a week. Use a dry mop or soft bristle brush to pick up all the dirt and debris. You may not think that a floor collects a ton of dirt, but it does. Never, ever use a stiff brush or broom. Make sure that you take your time to ensure that your weekly cleaning routine is gentle on the floor but effectively picks up the loose dirt that collects on it.

If you prefer to use a vacuum over a broom, you will need attachments that include soft brushes. The best overall cleaning tool that you can have for cleaning laminate, or any other type of flooring besides carpet, is a dry mop. They are oversized dusters that attract dirt and debris without moving particles around, like sweeping with a bristle broom does.

Set A Monthly Cleaning Routine

Once a month, you will need to add extra time to your cleaning routine because you will need to mop the floor. You will not want to use a wet mop that is dripping wet because you know that water is harmful to laminate flooring. You will want to use a chemical designed for the flooring type and nothing else.

Yes, other products on the market claim to be safe for your task, and there are some homemade recipes online. Save yourself some time and stress by getting the proper cleaner. You need to use this cleaner to do a deep clean once a month. Ensure that you sweep first, removing all the debris that could cause scratching to your flooring material. If all you have is a regular mop, you want to make sure that you use as little water as possible. Ensure that the head is wrung out completely, leaving you with a moist mop that will not soak the flooring.

Removing Stains

It is crucial to clean up each spill as it occurs. Dry up any water that pools up, and immediately clean up other accidents, such as wine or coffee messes. If you do happen to see some stains that maybe didn’t get cleaned up on time, you will need to get them removed.

Stains can be a terrible eyesore to you and all your visitors. Use a microfiber towel to remove fluid, an ice pack for dry goods that are sticky, and acetone for stains made by such things as nail polish and markers.

Avoid Abrasive Tools And Cleaners

No matter how promising a tool or chemical looks, do not ever use abrasive tools or chemicals. It has been mentioned a couple of times throughout this piece of writing, but it needs to be stressed again. Use cleaners made for your laminate floor, and use soft brushed items to do the first clean.

Do not use polishers or buffers if you need to do a deep scrub, and you will need to use chemicals, soft bristles, and a lot of elbow grease. Remember that you cannot refinish any type of laminate flooring, so think ahead before you start cleaning.

Surface Protection

The top surface of the flooring has been designed to give good eye appeal and protection against the subfloor underneath. It is essential to prevent the top layer from sustaining severe damage. Once it happens, there is no going back. Place some furniture foot pads on every part that hits the floor.

If you have some furniture with wheels, make sure that they are kept clean, and if they are old-school types, you should replace them with newer versions that help prevent scratches on the floor.

Preventative Measures

You need to take every precaution to keep your laminate floor from being harmed. Trim your pets’ nails down as short as possible to prevent scaping and ripping. Place a welcome mat around each door and ensure that everyone understands that they will use them. Better yet, make everyone take their shoes off at the door, where they can place them on a mat or rack.

If you can think of something that will help reduce the amount of damage to your floor, do it, and make sure that your family and friends know about it.

Final Thoughts

That is all that there is to clean your laminate floor properly without ruining it. The most important thing to remember is that the top layer is susceptible to scratching. Hence, you need to prevent debris from being tracked across it. It is essential to use a dry mop and soft bristle broom to keep it clean once a week, at a minimum. Grab your cleaning tools and get to it if you find some free time.

Even with that, though, you need to have a routine of cleaning that you follow. If you need to, assign chores to the other household members after showing them how to do them correctly. The longer you can keep your floor in good shape, the less likely you are to have to replace it before the actual life span of the laminate ends.

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