How to connect Brother Printer to computer and MacBook with the help of a cable

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Before starting on the process of connecting your Brother printer to your computer device, with the help of a USB cable, there are a few things which must be kept in mind by you. These will be covered through by first ensuring your printer has been connected properly. Meaning, when you first buy the printer, you have to ensure that its setup process has been done properly and in the manner laid out in its instructional details. You have to make sure that the device on your printer also has the required software downloaded on it.

These are things without which you cannot be connecting your brother’s printer to the computer. You must also ensure you have the basics like printer driver software on your device as well. Follow these processes beforehand if you want to connect to the USB with your device. brother printer status not connected another thing to ensure is whether you have a working internet connection on your device. Make sure that you have cross-checked this with the help of other devices which you have.

  • For the printer to be connected however you have to first make sure that you not only disconnect it, but also switch it off and remove it from the power source to which it was attached earlier. This will enable you to use and connect it with the USB cable too.
  • Make sure you locate the correct port on the side of the printer and then connect the USB cable with one end on the device itself. Ensure you have picked the correct port. And the other end of it must be connected to the printer device as well. There are usually two ports available for this on the device too.
  • After this you have to switch on the printer, ensuring the power button is on as well. At this part of the process, you will have to check whether or not the network connection is in place, as well as if the device is working properly externally.
  • Do a rudimentary check of whether the printer hardware has been connected properly as well. There needs to be a good amount of ink in the printer, the number of printing pages within it should be many too. Along with this, people have to ensure that the printing device has not been damaged on any level either. One must ensure that the device has been connected properly from the basics as well. Having the basics in order is an important part of the whole process.
  • Ensure that you also have done a few test print runs to ensure that all of the above changes have been implemented properly. Do not forget to save the printer changes after you have made any within your device as well. This will enable better usage of the printer throughout too.
  • If there are any problems that arise in the course of test print runs, then make sure you go over the printer steps given above once again to check if you have missed anything or could possibly incorporate some steps within the device as well. Make sure your printer has been connected to the internet properly as well.
  • Ensure that you remember to save the printer changes whenever you make any. This would also entail rebooting the device when major changes have been made to it as well. Other than this, if any other problems arise in the course of using your device make sure that you have your customer service numbers at hand.
  • This will help you in cases of smaller or even larger concerns relating to your device. they will usually have a professional who guides you through these concerns and fixes them in a simple manner.

The following instructions will help you on how you can setup your Brother printer on your Macbook in a simple manner. Ensure that you have the device connected and ready to setup first too. This is something which will enable better usage and connecting with the printer.

Basics before you setup brother printer

Make sure that you first unplug your printer device from the power source, and then proceed to removing any other external cables which may be connected to your device have to be removed. You now have to make sure that you pick the type of connection which you want to establish with your device. Ensure you move on to choosing whether it is the USB connection, wired one, network connection or others.

For those that are using the wired option, this would entail making sure you connect the wire first and only then switch on the printer for usage. For those that are connecting with the help of a network connection, one of the first things which you need to do is to make sure that your network connection is itself working in a proper manner. Ensure you have your router placed, setup and checked with the help of other devices on whether it is working properly at all.

Another thing to do is to make sure your printer is connected to the network channel before you are done using it.

Further steps on connecting your Macbook to brother printer

You can also resort to looking for a network guide to assist you on how you can properly connect your system with the network device. Make sure you also change your printer settings by going into the manual settings for your device. this will help you overall ensure that the printing process is happening in a manner that is dictated according to you.

After this click on the apple icon and then move on to the option which says system preferences from there. This will then lead you to the option which says that you can either print, scan etc. the list of options will be laid out in the form of a dialog box. Choose the option which says print and fax and then click on it.

You will then be led to another dialog box opening. You will see on the left side of this that a list of printers will show up on the screen. You can scroll up and down to select which device you want to connect to it. The list of printers can be navigated with the help of the details given there itself.

Once you click on a printer option, you can also choose to make it your default printing machine out of the options given there. Make sure you save the changes which you have made as well. The printer will now be added to the list of system preferences. Once these changes have been made, then you can quit the application and proceed to the printing part of it.

Implementing changes and printing on the brother printer through a MacBook

Make sure that after the above changes have been, ensure you save the changes onto your device. this has to change the printer setup as well. Along with this, now make sure that the printer hardware on your device is in order, you also have to make sure that the printer has enough ink and printing paper on it. Make sure the extra peripherals are in order, none of the printer parts have been broken either.

This will need to be done before you can start conducting test prints on your device. make sure that the device has been cleaned and placed in a clean place before you use it as well. This will prevent further problems. Another thing to bear in mind is ensuring you have all the driver software installed onto your device.

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