How to Create a PDF from HTML

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Did you know that an estimated 2.5 trillion PDF files exist in the world as of 2022? PDFs are among the most flexible file options that you can use for business or scholarly applications. The Portable Document Format is your best option if you want to capture all of the data and the clarity of your most essential documents will save a ton of space on your device.

Electronic documents are becoming a part of everyday life, so it’s vital that you learn the basics of converting a PDF from HTML. The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to mastering the process of the PDF conversion for your business needs.

Keep reading this article to learn more about how to convert an HTML file today!

Steps to Convert a PDF From HTML

You have a few different methods that you can use if you need to convert a PDF from HTML. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Mac computer or a Windows computer, as long as you have access to some form of Adobe Acrobat the process is simple. Not only can you convert HTML files into PDFs but you can change the scale and orientation.

One way to start converting an HTML to PDF is to use the Adobe Acrobat plug-in through your preferred web browser. Here’s a closer look at that process.

Converting a PDF From HTML With Acrobat Plug-In

The first thing that you’ll want to do when you convert an HTML into a PDF is to open the page that you wish to convert in your web browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Bing with this web extension.

Open up the extension and select the option that says, “Convert to PDF” in the Toolbar for Adobe Acrobat. Clicking this button will hl you move forward with creating the PDF document from HTML.

From there, all you’ll need to do is determine the name of the file that you’re looking to save and then select the destination where you’d like the file to go. Once you hit save, you should have the PDF ready to go for your business or educational needs. It’s a great option when you’re looking to create an html to pdf java.

Converting HTML to PDF With Acrobat App

It’s also possible to convert an HTML into a PDF using the Adobe Acrobat app on your device. Taking this route will grant you more options when it comes to converting the file and getting it just right. It’s possible to convert both linked and unlinked web pages into PDFs as needed.

You can use the entire code to convert the HTML to PDF, or you can choose different levels based on your needs. It’s possible to choose a specific number of levels to get the perfect PDF conversion.

The first step is to open your Adobe Acrobat app on your device or computer. Find the Tools button and click it, and you should find an item that says, Web Page.

From there, you’ll need to enter the complete path to the web page. If you’re struggling to figure that step out then you can always select Browse and find the HTML file that you’re hoping to convert. Next, you’ll want to click Capture Multiple Levels to continue moving forward with the process of creating a PDF from HTML.

It’s best to avoid converting more levels of the HTML file than you need to. You should also select the Stay on Same Server option during the conversion process.

There is also a possibility that you’ll need to get into the Advanced Settings to get the PDF conversion right. Look into the Page Conversion Settings and make any changes as needed. The last step is to create the PDF file and then save it once it converts.

Benefits of Creating PDF Files

Now that you have a strong understanding of how to convert a PDF from HTML files, it’s a good idea to learn more about the benefits that come with creating and using PDF files. They’re a great alternative to other types of files since they’re secure and they take up less space. Here’s a closer look at the perks of learning to create a PDF document from HTML.


PDFs have grown in popularity because they’re compatible with such a wide variety of systems and devices. You can capture all of the same design elements as you would with a printed document but with the convenience of an electronic image. It’s also possible to open these files using Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris-powered devices.

Data Protection

Another big perk of using PDF files for your business is the fact that you’ll enjoy much better data protection. You can enjoy great peace of mind that the information that you’re sending to clients and business associates is secure thanks to the encryption technology that gets used with PDF files.

Work Collaboration

PDFs also make it easier than ever for people to collaborate on big projects no matter where they are on the planet. This is a big deal if you have a number of employees that work on a remote basis since they’ll have a much easier time working together with these secure and flexible documents. It’s easier than ever to share documents through email and instant messaging apps.


The biggest perk of learning PDF conversion is the amount of space that you’ll save on your devices. PDF files are much smaller than other types of files, making them easier to send, share, and save with other users.

Now You’re Ready to Convert a PDF From HTML Today

Learning to convert a PDF from HTML files is a big step in the right direction for your career as well as for your business. Creating a PDF document from HTML will give you more storage space while providing more security when you’re sharing important documents with colleagues. Your PDF conversion is also compatible with most devices for easy communication.

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