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How to Cure Breast Cancer without Surgery?

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Are you afraid of undergoing breast cancer surgery?

Today, breast cancer is one of the most common diseases in women of all ages. People often get discouraged and morally devastated on hearing they or their near ones have contracted this disease. They mostly think of the traditional treatment procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

You might get immensely nervous on hearing you have to undergo painful procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy. However, many alternative treatment procedures are also available that avoid the surgery process but have a powerful effect. This article will give you an idea about how to grow breast naturally without undergoing the scissors.

How is Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Different from the Traditional One?

Oncologists, all around the world, use three treatment procedures for curing cancer in any body part. These treatment procedures are:

  • Surgery of the affected part
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation

The three above-mentioned conventional treatment procedures are highly effective but have numerous sideeffects that degrade the quality of a patient’s life. This is why medical practitioners globally have come up with some alternative methods that will help avoid the adverse effects of cancer treatment. Alternative treatment procedures are natural, and they do not have any sideeffects on the body.

These natural methods shall improve your immune system and help it defeat cancer organically. They shall not add excessive chemical compounds to the body like chemotherapy. Alternative methods are also combined with conventional treatment for achieving the best results. The former has gained significant popularity in recent times due to its high efficiency and zero adverse effects.

Some Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Methods

This section will enlighten you about some of the popular cancer treatment methods that are as effective as the conventional methods.


Immunotherapy is used to treat breast cancer by strengthening the immune system of the body. This therapy enables the immune system to identify and kill breast cancer cells within the body. It does not involve undergoing the scissors or taking highly chemical doses. Several medicines are used in this treatment including:

  1. Specific Transfer Factor Vaccine: This vaccine should be administered twice a week through the veins.
  2. Dendritic Vaccine: This vaccine is given once every week.
  3. ITC Riv. Viral Vector Vaccine: You will receive this vaccine once a week.
  4. LAK (Lymphokine-Activated Killer) Procedure: This procedure stimulates the white blood cells that kill the breast cancer cells. It is conducted if the patient requires it.
  5. IT MAF (Gc Macrophage Activation Factors): GcMAF 2 is administered twice a week under the skin cells.
  6. Specific Killer Cell Vaccine: This procedure requires 1cc of cancer tissue and is conducted if required by the patient.

Nutrition-Based Therapy

This treatment is highly effective for people suffering from small breast size cancer. We all know that sugar is the food for cancer cells and it facilitates the growth of these cells. Therefore, breast cancer patients need to follow a strict diet that contains the minimum amount of sugar.

In nutrition-based treatment, women diagnosed with breast cancer are given a diet chart with a lower glycemic index. Their meal is planned as per the alternative treatment they are undergoing. In this process, all the systems of the patient’s body are strengthened and she can heal faster. Besides, nutrition-based treatment prevents breast cancer cells to grow.

Alternative Therapies

Numerous alternative therapies are available today for curing breast cancer. These treatments eliminate the need for undergoing surgeries and improve the quality of the patient’s life. Some of the popular alternative therapies for breast cancer treatment are Alkalinizing Therapies, Biomagnetic Therapies, etc.

Alkalinizing Therapy involves the introduction of various alkalinization agents in the body that can detect and kill breast cancer cells. In Bio-Magnetic Therapy, a pair of powerful magnets is used for killing cancer cells. These therapies are advised as per the health condition of the patient and how she shall respond to them.

Final Words

Today, thousands of women worldwide are fighting and defeating breast cancer through these alternative therapies. All you need to do is understand the positive effects of these therapies and visit the best institution to take them. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer and do not want to undergo surgery, consult a professional offering natural cancer-healing therapy.

Disclaimer: Please make sure to consult with your doctor before following these steps. never suggests following any medication or health related activities without the doctor’s consultation.

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