How To Do A Tyre Safety Inspection

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Most people neglect their car’s health when they are to embark on a journey. The normal trend is to check the fuel, get the keys, and step on the accelerator. This can result in embarrassing and even at times fatal outcomes.

To ensure one’s safety, it is imperative to check the state of the vehicle before you set out on a voyage. One of the critical tasks is to make sure whether the vehicle’s tires are safe and reliable for the journey or not. Tyre Safety Inspection is a must before you begin a journey.

The following steps may be followed to examine the condition of your tyres and thus avoid any untoward incident:

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Check Tread Depth

Appropriate tread depth is of paramount importance to ensure a safe driving experience. Tires having worn-out treads do not have enough gripping ability (traction) with the road and consequently, it becomes difficult to accelerate or put the brakes safely. Wet and slippery roads can add fuel to fire if one has not assured the tread depth of the tires. This is really vital for a Tyre Safety Inspection.

A simple penny test can be performed to estimate the tread depth of the tires. Place the penny upside down in between the tread depth of the tyre with Lincoln’s face facing you. If the head of the penny is completely immersed in the tread depth, it suggests that tires are in a sound working condition. On the other hand, if Lincoln’s head is visible it implies that its time to get a replacement.

A temporary solution can be to use the vehicle on well-paved roads and avoid any bumpy ride but in the long-term, the tyre has to be replaced for ensuring a safe ride. 

Make sure that you do the penny test on three to four different locations on the tyre surface. If the results are inconsistent it means that the tyre might have a wheel alignment issue or some other problems which can be dealt with in time.

Also, be mindful of things you need to look for is the exposed cords or fabric strands. These can stick out of the outer surface of the tyre is old or it is damaged.

Look For Cracks

The cracks appear on the surface of the tyre when the rubber begins to deteriorate. Pay special heed to sidewalls and area between the tread blocks of the tyre as they are most prone to cracks. Cracks of minor nature that appear due to weathering may be ignored but if they expose the tread, it can have serious implications. Thus, one must be mindful of the nature of minor cracks while Tyre Safety Inspection, so that one can avoid a fatal accident.

When the inner layers of the tires get exposed, it insinuates that the tires need to be replaced.

Check For Objects, Bulges, or Punctures In The Tyre

Have a keen look at the tyre. Watch the surface carefully and check if there is any unwanted or harmful object. Spikey metals, nails or pins could be stuck on your tyre. Clear all of such objects as getting rid of them is vital provided that they can cause puncture or leak.

It might be difficult to trace a puncture as the object that caused the harm is still present tyres surface. Changing the tyre is a must if you cannot fix it.

In the same way, examine the sidewall and find out such objects that shouldn’t be there. Watch out for cuts or protruding surface.  While touching the surface of your tyre feel is there is any unusual material stuck on it and if any area looks softer than the rest of the tyre if pressed. Bulges or bumps tell a lot about tire separation.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Firstly, estimate the recommended pressure level in the vehicle’s tires using the owner’s manual. Now determine the pressure of all the four tires and check whether the tires’ pressure is below the suggested pressure level in the manual. If so, fill the tires with air so that it reaches the suitable pressure level. Make sure that the tires are not overinflated in order to avoid any safety hazards.

Following the aforementioned procedure, you can be sure that your vehicle’s tires are in a sound state and ready to undertake the journey. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you have a spare tyre in the car which can be used in wake of any mishap.

As mentioned throughout the article, if the problem is serious, consider changing the tyre immediately because tyres are important for safety. To make the purchase easy, you can shop car tires Saudi Arabia online.

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