How To Get Quality Sleep During Lockdown?

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What do you do when you have more than enough time on your hands? A lot of people prefer to sleep. I certainly do. 

But it’s not just the time you spend on your cozy bed that matters, but the quality of that time. The lockdown and the pandemic has hit a lot of us hard, and a lot of us are trying to do what we never thought we would – Working full-time from home, job-hunting, learning to cope & co-exist with family members, and so on, and so forth.

While anxiety has been on the rise during the lock-down, one thing that a lot of people have experienced is the lack of sleep. One might think that WFH and the availability of extra time would mean more, better sleep. In fact, it’s become exactly the opposite. We find ourselves in this peculiar situation, where we have time but we don’t have the sleep we need. Remember the days when you came home from work and slept like a baby, or during the weekends you treated yourself with some quality sleep?

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It’s not the same after 4 months of lock-down. We find ourselves grappled with stress, anxiety, and other forms of mental health issues. We are going through a phase that was unthinkable 6 months ago, let alone fathomed. Loss of jobs has been the biggest contributor, followed by violence at home, misunderstanding between spouses and families, and being unable to cope with the newfound environment.

This does not take away the fact that sleep, and more importantly, quality (read beauty) sleep has become far more important. While our bodies are in a constant state of relaxation throughout, the same cannot be said for the mind. And the mind wanders. From the repercussions of the pandemic to the unstable and gloomy future to the constant fear of the coronavirus and what-ifs related to it. We are all worried, there’s no question about that. A few ways we can cope with this is by getting some quality sleep. You can buy adjustable beds as there are no. of health benefits of using them. Some of them are :
1.Ergonomic Pre-Bedtime Relaxation
2.Fall Asleep Faster
3.Stop the Snoring
4.Say Goodbye to Back Pain
5.Arthritis Pain Relief
6.Reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms
7.Improve Blood Circulation

The list below shows a few tips which you can incorporate to get a sleep that makes you feel alive and kicking at the start of your day:


Things can be tough during the lock-down. But nothing is tougher than you. Always remember to express gratitude to whatever you have. Because you do not know how long it’ll last. Be thankful for everything you have. Start from the smallest of things, such as a hot shower and a fresh towel. Be thankful for your family, friend, the food you get, and also for your dog/cat.


The importance of communication can never be fully conveyed. If you have an issue or problem or stress – talk. If you don’t have it, talk. Share the good things, but share the bad things first. Let people around know if you’re going through a tough time, whether financially, personally or at work. Everything can be solved if we can learn to communicate.


You need a mind that is calm. Living in a family where you’re not used to being around your spouse, your parents or kids 24*7 can be challenging. Meditate to calm your mind. Find a good place, quiet time, and close your eyes. Give yourself that “me” time that it so desperately craves for. Once you get used to it, you’ll see that a lot of things in life don’t even affect you as much as you care to think

Keep work out

When working from an office, it was much easier to keep the files, the sheets, the headaches and the nuances of the office, in the office. But now you’re working from home. And it becomes even more difficult to ignore when a mail pops up, or a zoom call is incoming in the middle of a dinner or family time. It can be hard to avoid it, since your home is now practically your office. Learn to avoid it. Keep a strict time for work, and do not touch it when it’s done. Remember: Work will never end, your life will. Make good use of it.


We talked about the benefits of meditation. One thing that will drastically aid you in getting quality sleep is exercise. When you think about it, the reason you slept so peacefully pre-lockdown days was because you were tired. Mentally and more importantly physically. But now, all you do is sit all day and stare at the screen for 8 or so hours before you jump on the couch or bed, to rest. This gives your body very little exercise and movement. The best way to cope with this is to do some chores around the house that require effort. Cleaning the kitchen, the washroom, doing the dishes, dusting the entire house are some of them. Of course, you can’t do it every day. Try switching it with simple exercises at home like squats, push-ups, and spot jogging. Mix and match and see what fits you well. 

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Quality sleep time is not only good for your brain but it also helps in staying healthy (prevents you from putting those extra pounds), lowers the risk of diseases such as diabetes and various other heart diseases, and reduces stress. More importantly, it helps you get along better with the people around you. And the people that are around you right now are primarily your friends and family, who always need to be treated with care and love.

On the down-side, sleep-deprivation or sleep-deficiency can have an adverse effect on your body and consequently on the health of people around you. It increases the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. All of which should be avoided at all costs, as you don’t want to end up in a hospital at a time when the whole country is grappled with corona-virus and the hospitals are filled to the brim.

The importance of sleep has always been stressed upon, but at this moment, it’s more important than ever. 4.

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