How to Practice Writing Essays: Top 5 Ways

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Essay writing is a challenge for those who have never done it before or whose vocabulary is limited. Such students struggle trying to compose a meaningful sentence that corresponds to the demanded level. Colleges and universities have requirements. A person must be able to write long and short sentences and combine simple and complex words. Besides, structuring and formatting are to be corresponding as well. What is the secret of successful essay writing? 

5 Effective Methods to Write Essays Professionally

In fact, professional essay writing will be possible only for students who use five efficient methods:

  • self-education
  • regular and frequent practice
  • sample investigation
  • providing and getting feedback
  • outlining


Each research starts with learning. It is impossible to create a well-researched paper without reading. There are three types of reading – accidental, purpose, and recreational. The first one occurs when a person sees something in the supermarket, on the street, or social media and gets acquainted with the content. The second one is mostly educational. A student gets the assignments and investigates the required literature to provide answers. The last one is for pleasure.

The main goals of reading are to add new words to a person’s vocabulary and to broaden one’s scope. The most common types are accidental and purpose reading. Today, pleasure reading is not so trendy because of TV and online entertainment. But if a person wants to be literate, it will be necessary to get acquainted with different literature like fiction and non-fiction. They contain different lexical units that serve as a perfect example of professional language use.

A student should be careful with posts on the Internet. Some influencers write illiterate texts that have poor grammar and lexical filling. It is better to choose recognized authors and compare them with unknown writers. One should not concentrate on dramas or encyclopedias only. Genres are to vary. Due to that, students know how rich and different their language can be.


It is impossible to write an essay without proper samples. It is hard to find a worthy one on the Internet when a person does not know what to search for. The best option is to ask a tutor to provide standard essay examples of several types. For example, a teacher can provide a student with compare and contrast, descriptive, and definition essays to show the variety. First, a person follows a pattern, and then he or she starts experimenting and creating personal masterpieces without hints.


Malcolm Gladwell asserts that an average person requires 10.000 hours to master something. Students get puzzled when learning this information. Who has so much time to practice essay writing? Only experts who write essays daily. Nevertheless, practicing writing is essential. It is difficult to create a compelling essay on the first try. Senior students prepare essays of better quality compared to freshmen. Why? They have experience. Their speed of research, writing, and proofreading is faster and more advanced.

A student should be ready to devote as much time as possible to master essay writing quicker. Practice develops a writing habit that becomes automatic. Besides, acknowledged students are aware of formatting details, common grammar mistakes, college requirements, and other things. Consequently, they produce and edit their essays faster and more qualitatively.


Another essential step to habitual essay writing is to receive and provide feedback. Cinematography would have faced zero improvements if movie critics had never criticized movies. Healthy criticism results in a search for problems and their solutions. For example, students can face difficulty in referencing. Their sources can be either not authentic and reliable or lack the demanded formatting. Tutors and senior students can point to mistakes to let a student learn the rules.

Another variant is to get the papers of other students and try to find mistakes there. Students can provide reviews even concerning personal essays. How to do that? Professionals recommend reading essays aloud. It lets students hear what is hard to read or what extracts have repetitions. Students can introduce their essays to relatives and watch over their reactions. Inspired faces signal high-quality content while indifferent expressions warn about some problems.


Each academic assignment has a deadline. It is impossible to meet the toughest time frames without thorough planning. Excellent time management involves brainstorming and outlining. Brainstorming is a collection of thoughts on a piece of paper. A person has a chance to systematize and prioritize them. Thanks to that, an essay becomes well-structured, researched, logical, and influential. One can find apps that assist in essay writing and timing. They remind a student about the approaching due date and things a learner has to do to tackle homework.

Things That Prevent a Student from Successful Essay Performance

 One of the most challenging things is to concentrate on writing. So many things distract our attention and delay our task performance. Sometimes, a person tries to multitask by chatting on social media and reading something for an essay or editing it. As a result, a person fails as a communicator and a writer. Attention span leads to a poor concentration that hurts multitasking.

Professionals advise getting rid of everything that makes students postpone writing. The most typical distractors are

  • phone calls
  • reminders
  • messages
  • pop-ups
  • technical malfunctions

The best way out is to find a calm place without sounds that can distract attention. It can be someone’s talk, TV, music, etc. A student should switch off the mobile phone or apply a silent mode without vibration. The next step is to take everything required and have it at one’s fingertips. Sharpeners, chargers, notebooks, pencils, and other writing tools are to be in one’s reach. If students need to search for something on the Internet, it will be necessary to install blockers of ads. Pop-ups irritate and often take half of the screen that prevents normal search and writing for those who use Google Docs. Moreover, there must be a stable Wi-Fi connection to promise a speedy search.

Professionals recommend using tools that save the written texts, like Google Docs (both online and offline modes) or simple paper notebooks. Rewriting kills inspiration and desire to write. 

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