How To Scan Documents With FlashScan App?

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The world is rapidly moving towards the digitization of documents. Now everything is becoming paperless. And hence document scanner apps are becoming essential for both work and personal use. 

However, still, there are many day-to-day interactions such as the government or doctor’s clinic that need an old-fashioned physical form of papers. But mostly, our offices and even the government is promoting going paperless.

In the wake of digitization here we share a unique app that not only scans papers but also offers other useful features.

Everything You Should Know About The FlashScan App

FlashScan is a PDF maker app that scans documents in no time. But before knowing its features let’s see what qualities make a good scanning app?

Characteristics Of Excellent Document Scanner App

The market is full of many scanning apps but not all apps qualify for the best scanning app. Here are the qualities of an excellent scanning app.

  1. The best PDF scanner app offers easy scanning with high-quality results. It converts your scans in PDF just in seconds.
  2. Before scanning, such an app often clears the background of the image. It cleans all the unwanted background noise.
  3. An excellent scanning app offers value-added features along with the scanning.
  4. It also gives post-scan filters to enhance scanning results.
  5. As we all hate ugly, unprofessional watermarks, the best scanner apps generate watermark-free scans. 

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How To Scan Documents With FlashScan

FlashScan offers the simplest scanning process. Here is how you can go paperless with FlashScan.

(A) Organize All Your Documents- Have all the papers that you want to scan with FlashScan nearby. Doing this will support you with a one-go scanning method.

(B) Take A Photo Of The Document- Now with your Android phone click a clear snapshot of the document that you want to scan with FlashScan.

(C) Scan your Documents With FlashScan- The photos you take with your device are saved as images in your gallery. Now open the app and scan your documents. 

You are done! Download and Scanning with FlashScan is as simple as that! 
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What Makes FlashScan -The Ultimate PDF Maker App?

These are the features that make FlashScan the best PDF maker app.

  • FlashScan scans every kind of document: Right from your old photo albums to the latest article you read – it scans everything clearly and sharply.
  • It offers an intuitive OCR tool: The OCR expertly reads texts from any image. It further enables you to save it as plain text. You can translate it from English to other languages also.
  • The app is a complete scanning solution: It gives QR and Barcode reading abilities also. Users can quickly scan Qr and Barcodes. 
  • You can enhance scanned results with post-scan filters: With Grey Mode, you can add a vintage office look. Use a Vibrant Color filter to add colors to your documents. Go for Balck and White 1&2 to add a timeless effect to your paper.

Use FlashScan- the best PDF maker app and simplify scanning like never before!


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