How to Tint Car Windows

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Every car owner loves to tint their car windows in order to block the heat that penetrates inside the car and also gives a sharp look at its appearance. Window films are the best way to get privacy for your car windows. Car window tinting is a very easy do-it-yourself remedy. There is no extra equipment involved, all you need is just the best heat reduction car window tint and some small hand tools.

In order to perform a task, one may be required to know some crucial steps about window films. So, this comprehensive guide will explain to you how to tint car windows by following the simple steps.

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Steps to Tint Car Windows

Car window tinting is not rocket science or you don’t have to be an expert in this field. We break down the complex steps into three simple steps.

Car Window Washing

Windows are always highly exposed to the environment and catch dirt very easily all over the surface. These sticky dust particles if are not removed then it can ruin the whole window which costs you some extra bucks. So, it is always advisable to wash the windows before applying tint to the surface otherwise it causes bubbles and peeling off.

Use clean soapy water to wash the window with the help of a sprayer and squeezer. Spray all over the surface and then clean the remaining water using a squeezer or window cleaner.


When it comes to the size you have two options available first tint roll and second pre-cut computerized window film. Tint rolls are always used by beginners because they give them extra material you can cut according to the size of the window and apply directly without using any adhesive glue or stick product. Make sure to use a cutter or knife for cutting according to your car window.

On the other hand, pre-cut window films are computerized material each time you will get readymade material so you don’t have to cut for the windows. All you need to do is mention the car details like Model number, window (front or back), brand name, and etc at the time of placing the order. It has a sticky material at the back of the film, just peel it and apply over the windows without any hassle required.

Apply on Surface

Now Installation is very easy, do it yourself work. After covering the windows using window tint film spray some freshwater over it. The water helps in maintaining the bond with the film to make the stickiness for a longer time. Also, the same process must be applied to the inner side as well. The window should be covered from both sides. 

Now you are good to go. One question that first pops into the mind “ how do I choose car window tint”? Because it is one of the most crucial steps to be taken while tinting car windows.

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How to choose Car Window Tint?

The following steps will help you in choosing the right quality tint every time you purchase.

Tint Type

There are varieties of tint material available in the market, some are good at blocking heat and some are just for privacy purposes. But we will discuss the type of tint which contains all necessary features required in a window tint. For vehicle purposes, we use double-ply dyed films that are good at blocking heat and do not interfere with any kind of cellular signals. In the past couple of years, LEXEN has received good feedback from customers about their product and you can also give it a try.

VLT Level

The VLT is known as Visible Light Transmission. VLT used for measuring the amount of light that penetrates into the car. The lesser the percentage of VLT the more it blocks the heat. For example, if you are choosing 5% of VLT film, it means you will block 95% of visibility from the outside however you can easily see from inside the outer environment.

State Law

All over the world state laws are strict on the rules of window films. The government has put some allegations about the VLT level percentage legal. It may vary from state to state. After analyzing all the surveys and global reports says 70% of VLT is allowed all over the nation no matter what country it is.

Heat Reduction and UV Rays Protection

The main purpose of every car owner while purchasing a car window tint is to make the car cooler from inside and protect the car seats from damage. As you know Ultraviolet rays, sun glare, and infrared rays are very annoying during the daytime. These rays can ruin the whole car cabinet and also fades the colon very quickly. So, whenever you are choosing a car window tint check the heat reduction and UV ray’s protection percentage.

Well, 90% of the heat blocking must be always there at a minimum, and 95% of the UV and Glare protection.


In the end, it is always advisable to follow the instructions given at the backend of the product. Furthermore, this guide on How to tint car windows will help you a lot if you are starting as a beginner. However, you can take the help of the car accessories expert for taking the window measurement if required. Also, before buying any kind of window tint film do some market research and go through each and every product before buying. Match the material according to the car windows and then move further.

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