How Yoga Can Help You To Fight Against Covid-19

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The health problems that the covid-19 outbreak has brought are massive. In this ongoing pandemic, physical and mental well-being is a challenge that many are finding hard to handle. People are facing depression and anxiety disorders, and many are giving up on life because they don’t find a way to deal with this stress.

The government imposed lockdown to stop the spread of the virus has restricted everyone to stay at home, and many find it challenging to stop themselves from meeting their friends and family. Not only has this, but resting all day at home also causes many health problems in people like mobility issues, cardiovascular diseases, etc., and for all this, experts recommend practicing some mindful activities like meditation, yoga, etc.

Yoga plays a crucial role in maintaining our physical and mental health. You can practice different poses that offer different benefits and add your favorite ones to your daily routine.

Studies have found that around 34% of people in the US who added yoga in their daily routine have better mental health and are less prone to contact severe diseases like covid 19. These regular yogis and yoginis have a 7% lesser chance of having a heart attack than those who don’t.

Different Yoga Poses And Their Benefits To Cope With Covid-19 Situations

Here are some of our top-picked yoga poses that, till now, have been proven very effective and helps people combat physical and emotional issues.

1. Alternate Breathing Technique To Improve Cardiovascular Health

It is one of the most ancient techniques of yoga that connects body and mind and supplies oxygen to the organs after removing toxins that helps in providing physiological healing benefits.

Alternate Breathing Technique

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To practice this pose, sit in the typical yoga position, close your eyes and control your right nostril and breathe from the left one.

Next, control the left one too and hold your breath for two seconds. Now, release your breathing and exhale through your left nostril for four seconds. After exhaling, inhale from the same while controlling your left nostril.

It is recommended to continue the practice for 5 minutes while focusing on breathing patterns. The benefits include: DE cluttering mind from virus fear, boosted memory, improved respiratory and cardiovascular health, regulated blood pressure, and better immune system that can help you fight the coronavirus.

2. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) To Release Stress And Feel Relaxed

In these covid-19 shutdowns when you are home and perform fewer mobility exercises, a triangle pose yoga helps you strengthen your legs, ankles, knees, oblique, and backs and abdominals. This pose stimulates the functions of adnominal organs and improves digestion and constipation.

Triangle Pose

Experts recommend holding on to this pose for thirty seconds while taking a few deep breaths. You can repeat the exercise three times for each leg.

Trikonasana also helps you release tension from your shoulders and improves blood circulation and concentration throughout the body.

3. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) For Blood Circulation

One of the best poses to augment your energy. This position aids in strengthening the spine, butt muscles and improve your blood circulation that will eventually help you release all the stress and anxiety that you might be experiencing due to this fatal disease outbreak.

Cobra Pose

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However, if you are an asthma patient, please don’t perform cobra pose exercises during an asthma attack.

For better results, make sure you make the right pose and hold it for 5-10 seconds.

The method for cobra pose is very simple. You just have to lie down flat on your belly with palms resting beside your chest and raise your chest using the strength of your arms while pressing the stomach and hold the position for five seconds. You can carry on with the exercise with 5 to 6 reps for enhanced upshots.

4. Child Pose (Shishuasana) To Get Over Anxiety Attacks

Even after the development of covid vaccines, many are losing their lives, and the ones leaving leave nothing for their families but everlasting grief.

In such a situation, when stress becomes your home, many doctors recommend practicing child pose yoga. While surfing around the internet to find the relevant info to do my essay UK, I came across an article that stated a 50% of the women who were recommended child pose yoga had better mental health and were able to cope with anxiety orders better than the ones taking mental health therapy.

Child Pose

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The article also stated that these women informed that 10 minutes of child pose yoga was enough for them to gun down all the traumatic thoughts and was very relaxing for them to stay content throughout the day.

5. Fish Technique (Matysasana) To Stay Fit And Healthy

The fish technique is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy during the covid era when all of us are locked home and are not allowed to go out and take a walk to boost our immune system and stay fit.

However, the method to perform this yoga is a bit technical. You first have to lay down in a lotus position and then slowly elevate your head and then chest while keeping your shoulders free and arms wide open.

Fish Technique

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For better results, it’s advised to remain in the pose for 2-3 minutes. The longer your pose, the better you come out of stressful thoughts, and the improved will be your mental and physical health.

6. Forward Fold Pose (Uttanasana) To Fight Insomnia

If you have sinuses or some respiratory issues, seeing a doctor is not an option in this covid pandemic. However, you can still get over it with some useful yoga poses.

Forward Fold Pose

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The most effective yoga poses to combat sinuses, according to ENT specialists, is forward fold pose yoga. The position doesn’t require any hard and fast rule and helps you ease sinus congestions and boosts the immune system.

Also, if your work schedule in this new normal has seen a lot of shifts and has left you insomniac, forward fold yoga helps you beat it too.

7. Tree Pose Yoga (Vrikshasana) To Balance Mind And Body

You might be aware of tree pose yoga as it is one the most traditional and effective practices done to balance your mind and body.

For tree pose yoga, it’s better to find a calm place, stand in a still position while bending the other knee in a half-lotus position, and then balance your whole body on one standing leg. Next, stretch your hands towards the ceiling and clasp your palms.

Hold onto the same position for 30-40 seconds and then release. You can continue the process repeating the same but with an alternative leg this time.

This posture helps you strengthen your legs and assists your body for pelvic stability that will ultimately result in making your hip and leg bones stronger.

However, if you have vertigo or migraine issues, you should not go with tree pose yoga as it can make them worse.

8. Seated Forward-Bend Technique (Paschimottanasana) To Reduce Stress And Depression

When nothing works to relieve the stress that this covid pandemic has brought, go for the seated forward-bend pose of yoga.

This practice will help you relax your mind, fight insomnia, and will take away all the worries that you might have about this new normal.

The method to this pose is easy. All you have to do is, sit straight stretching your legs and bend your upper body towards your feet along with your hands. Try to touch your fingers to the toes and take deep breathes. That’s it! You can repeat the same five or more times.

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