How You Can Find the Best Resort For Your Disney Vacation

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When you are planning to go on a Disney vacation, you want everything to be just right. This may be a vacation or trip that you have been planning for months (or possibly even years). One of the things that you must get right is the resort. Where you stay during your vacation will have an impact on the experience. To find the best resort, you need to consider the following elements:

Establishing Where You Want to Go?

A trip to Magic Kingdom is essential for families

To get your search started right, you need to think about what areas you would like to stay in. Do you want to stay in the one location while you are visiting Disney, or are you looking at doing a dual center vacation? Are you looking at staying in a Disney resort that is located very near to the parks and attractions? Or, are you looking at staying outside of the main attractions and simply focusing on getting shuttles into the theme parks and attractions? When you establish where you want to go on your Disney vacation, you can then start narrowing down your selection. If you do not narrow down your selection, you will find you will have hundreds of resorts to check out and compare.

Thinking About What you Want From a Resort

You want more than just a hotel, but what do you need and want during your stay?

As you are putting together a list of prospective places to stay, you will also want to start thinking about what you want to get out of a resort? Different resorts can give you (and those you are traveling with) something different – so what are you after? For example, are you looking for a hotel that is daily friendly (and that provides lots of activities for children)? Are you looking for a resort that is large enough to explore (for the times when you are not exploring the parks)? Or, are you looking for somewhere that can give you a good base to move around from – somewhere that is perhaps central to parks, attractions, and Orlando?

Source: Instagram, posted on March 9th, 2022. Westgate Resorts Official Profile

Looking at Resorts in Kissimmee

Resorts give you choice and variety

Even though you are going to be visiting Disney, that does not mean that you will want to be staying in a Disney resort or park all of the time, as this can be quite restrictive. If you look at staying in Kissimmee in an OFFICIAL KISSIMMEE RESORT, you can get the best of both worlds. You can get easy and quick access to the Disney and Universal Studios parks and attractions. However, you can also get easy access to Orlando and other areas of Florida. Kissimmee is a good access point for other destinations, and it is certainly not a location that you should rule out. When you are looking at resorts in Kissimmee, you need to again look at what is on offer. Is the location well-connected, and are transport links good? And can you get to where you want to from the resorts you are considering?

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Who Is Going to Be Traveling?

Are you traveling multigenerational, or with extended family

When it comes to choosing and finding a resort, you need to think about who will be traveling. You want to try and get the best accommodation for everyone you are traveling with. Meeting everyone’s needs and requirements can sound tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. Drawing up a list and then prioritizing what is important will help you meet the needs and requirements of most (if not all travelers). Establishing who is traveling (early on in the process) is crucial because the needs, wants, and requirements of others will help define and shape your search.

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Looking At Locations Near to the Parks

How near to the parks do you really want to be?

When you travel to Disney, you do have the option of staying on-site or very near to the parks. If you are traveling with younger children or with small children, then you may wish to stay near the parks for convenience. If you are having to travel from a distance (say 10 miles) each day, it will become stressful and unenjoyable for you and the whole family. When you are looking at locations near the parks, check out what they offer. For example, do they offer a shuttle service that can get you to and from the resorts each day? Do they offer early entrance to the parks (if they are Disney or Universal resorts)? If you stay too close to the parks for the whole duration of your stay – then you may limit yourself, and this may affect what you see and do while at Disney. So, think carefully about where you want a resort to be located and why.

Source: Unsplash, posted November 30th 2016, Jacky Lo

How Long Does Your Vacation Last?

Vacations, unfortunately, have to have a start and end date

To find the best resort for your Disney vacation, you have to think about how long your vacation will last. Staying in the same place for the length of your vacation may not be affordable or realistic – especially if you want to explore the whole of Orlando and Florida. For example, if your vacation is lasting anywhere in the region of  2-3 weeks, then will an on-site Disney hotel be affordable (especially as they are normally at least twice the price of those that are located off-site)? When you know how long your vacation will last, you then know where you should be looking and why.

Source: Unsplash, posted on July 13th 2018, Bernard Hermant

Thinking About Amenities and Facilities

Are there enough amenities and facilities?

Not all resorts will offer the same amenities and facilities, and this is important to remember. When you are looking at resorts, you need to think about what amenities and facilities you will need and why. For example, do you need a good selection of restaurants and eateries on-site? Are you traveling with children and perhaps in need of children’s clubs and activities? Does the resort need to have a selection of facilities such as outdoor pools and fitness centers to keep everyone traveling entertained and happy? When you have traveled to a resort before, what amenities and facilities have you found useful and, in some cases, essential? If your resort is missing something, or if you find you are having to leave the resort to get something, you will become tired and frustrated over time.

Focusing on Your Budget

How much have you got to spend on your vacation

You may be on a strict budget, and a Disney vacation may not be cheap, but it will be memorable for all the right reasons. When it comes to the budget for a resort that you stay in, you need to think about how much you want to spend per night (and in total). When you are looking at resorts and comparing their room rates, you can find that prices are not comparative, and this is based on two things. The first is location, and the second is amenities and facilities on offer. If you are looking to get more and stretch your budget, then you need to look at non-official Disney resorts. Putting together a budget at the beginning of your search is important. Without a budget to work towards, you may find yourself looking at resorts that are too expensive.

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Getting Value for Money

Are you getting a good star rating, and good amenities?

When you are weighing up the budget, room rate, and resorts, you have to think about value for money. Looking at what you get from a resort (in terms of value for money) is important. For instance, if you are staying in Kissimmee in a resort, but getting access (via a shuttle) to the theme parks, then you may find value for money is good. Whereas if you are staying in a Disney resort and traveling to other areas, you may find that you experience poor value for money. Getting a happy and healthy balance is important, even though it is sometimes difficult. Weighing up the accommodation, the facilities, amenities, and proximity to parks is the only way you will see if you are getting true value for money or not.

Source: Unsplash, posted on April 3rd 2020, Marcus Winkler

Reading Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews can help you make the right decision

Sometimes you can find that you are overwhelmed by the number of resorts to choose from for your Disney vacation. When you have lots of options and choices, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. Utilizing reviews and recommendations and reading what others have had to say is important. When you can read honest and impartial reviews, you can then see if your expectations of a resort are realistic or not. It is often better to pick a resort that somebody has recommended – simply because they have experienced it on a first-hand basis. If you do not look at reviews and recommendations, then you may find that you are missing out on something that could be crucial to your vacation or to your Disney trip.

As there are so many resorts to choose from, it is crucial that you give yourself plenty of time to work through this process. Rushing through it in days may not be beneficial for you or for your vacation. Weigh up your needs and requirements and look at the pros and cons of each resort because when you do this, you can then clearly see what you want and what you don’t want out of a resort.

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