Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room

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There are many reasons to start changing the decoration of your interior, starting with the living room. We want to change a bit to follow the trend, the arrival of a new family member can also be a motivation, a new social image following promotion in professional life, or just to feel really comfortable at home.

It is necessary to have certain resources and imaginations to have the living room of your dreams. To give a touch of freshness to this piece, discover the best selections in this category through these different ideas and illustrations.

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Furniture Renovation

Restoring old furniture can completely change the vision of your living room. We can start by sorting the pieces of furniture that are in bad condition and those that we can brush. We will have to roll up our sleeves because a painting session will be on the program. Indeed, it is enough to get special stains for wood or other materials for your furniture. There are thousands of ideas on this subject, just to mention faux wood, bright, geometric, patterned colors, steel or silver color, and many more. The choice will be based on desires and the goal is to harmonize the whole. In this way, you give a second life to your furniture while bringing a new decoration to your interior.

Furnishing Fabrics

The image of his living room unquestionably reflects his personality. Curtains stand out particularly among the essential accessories for interior clothing. They also perform other functions such as protecting themselves from the sun’s rays, humidity, or wind. To bring out the desired effect, it is important to choose the ideal upholstery fabric. We have a wide selection of this range of products. For example, there is the botanical style which is perfect for a festive atmosphere thanks to various colors. And for those who have a penchant for graphics, they will be well served, because ethnology fashion is back in force with very original ethnic graphics. In this way, the interior combines modernity and elegance. Striped curtains are also a better option since, apparently, they are new in fashion. Horizontal or vertical, they will always be highlighted. However, when it comes to taste, the color should be in perfect harmony with the rest. As in the picture below:

The Lighting

Light is a decorative element that must be considered. Only, it is good to place them in a strategic way to emphasize its interior decoration. Currently, there are many models of a lamp and variable intensity. These sources of lighting will certainly provide an original touch to his living room. A very practical and successful tip is to mix various types of lighting. To do this, you can bet on three to four light sources of different designs: floor lamps, wall lights, or small lamps placed everywhere on the furniture. Thus, we will instantly see the difference that results. For more effect, it is advisable to alternate the lampposts according to the time of day. It’s not necessary to turn them all on,

Enhancement of Walls with Frames

White walls are far too conventional; they inspire no style. You will have to think about personalizing them. For this, we can very easily get simple frames to hang on the walls. When we talk about frames, it can be paintings or just family photos. One of the other already brings dynamism in the room. For art lovers, it is no longer worth mentioning that they can very well get masterpieces from their favorite artists on the walls of their living room. Or for those who have recently started painting, do not hesitate to use his paintings to play in favor of the decoration of the living room. In this way, everyone will benefit from the works, will compliment you at the same time on the decoration as well as on your magnificent works. You make two shots in one.

In this image, for example, the room is spacious and quite bright thanks to the influence of the gray color. The owner added a few paintings on the walls to form a whole. As you can see, the decoration is well balanced.

For a rather dark room color, the tables bring a touch of gaiety in it. To highlight them, if you have noticed, light sources are placed near the frames. And there, we see all the difference. At this time, we find a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Nature Style for a Relaxed Decor

If you’ve noticed, too many accessories and colors totally kill the style of the living room. We can no longer find our way around. To simplify, we can very well opt for natural materials to create a perfect place of relaxation.

Here, the color brown is most present. You feel directly relaxed at first glance. The wood and the material of the sofa already make you want to relax and forget the rest of the world. The little extra in this decoration is the carpet of brown, gray, and beige colors which bring a touch of authenticity. And you have certainly understood, the walls have a lighter color to highlight the whole.

Fireplace in the Living Room

A fireplace is always charming in a room. It offers a soft and cocooning atmosphere .

On or off, in winter or summer, it has a tireless place in the center piece of the house.

So we should give it more importance and maintain it properly. The trick here is to repaint the fireplace with more lively color to show its presence. The brown is to forget, it does not enhance the fireplace and rather reminds of a country atmosphere. Unless of course if this is the desired effect.

In this photo, the general atmosphere of the living room is friendly because of the dark color of the walls and the beige sofas. What draws more attention is the fireplace which is well placed in the middle of the room, in the center of the carpet. It is white so that it is highlighted in front of the coffee table. And the little personal touch present here is the painting above the fireplace. Very original

For those who were not lucky enough to have a fireplace, there are now removable fireplaces very easy to find in DIY stores or special stores for interior decoration. The principle always remains the same, the fireplace must have a specific place in the living room and preferably in the center. In the corner, she won’t even notice.

The Gray Color to highlight the living room

Gray is making a comeback in the world of interior design.

This color inspires class, calm and softness. It deserves its place in the living room: gray sofa, gray wall or gray accessory. In this way, the whole part is highlighted. Forget about conventional colors such as beige or pastel.

In this living room, the walls are painted in gray and to enhance them, the owner has chosen to add a few red accessories. The advantage of the gray color is that it embellishes a room whether it is slightly dark or light. In any case, you can choose from all the existing shades.

For walls painted lighter gray that are left under the influence of natural light, the image of the resulting living room is splendid. For the color of the curtains and armchairs, you can choose blue, and surprisingly everything looks perfect. Indeed, this dye is a master key.

Sofa Color

Another idea to revive your living room is the color of the sofa. We can perfectly leave the decoration as it is and just change the sofa to bring another atmosphere. The master word, in this case, will be color. A blue, orange, yellow, or, why not, a green sofa can lift the mood of the room. Sometimes you have to dare brighter colors to impress others and yourself at the same time.

As a guest in this living room, we already notice that the sofas are a little dark gray color something ordinary. However, the originality lies in the color of the cushions which are bright colors. Very pleasant to observe with wooden furniture. This living room is typical of an American style living room.

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In the same section, a corner sofa can also be an important decorative element. Of course, it is necessary to have a space large enough to be able to adopt it. In other words, it is very chic and very trendy. Whether it is a left corner sofa or a right corner sofa, you just have to choose the one with which you will be most comfortable during your moments of relaxation and rest. Check out this furniture store in Houston Clarewood area to see which pieces fit your style and budget.

The Natural Atmosphere in the House

For those who appreciate plants and nature, there are no rules prohibiting greenery in the living room. On the contrary, they will be welcome to bring peace and calm. Green plants will be perfectly highlighted in a corner of the living room. They will be the touch of freshness to its interior decoration to escape somewhere in nature or in the heart of the jungle.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy this exotic atmosphere.

The plants chosen do not necessarily have to come straight out of a plantation. You can opt for artificial plants to decorate your living room. In other words, plastic plants. The advantage of this type of product is that it does not need to be maintained regularly for fear that it fades quickly due to lack of water, light, or even air. However, real plants still bring originality and authenticity.

Hard to believe that we are in a living room on this image. Yet it is. Here, the plant does not occupy a strategic place, but it is only put aside a little. And it looks pretty good where it is. The whole room is quite charming with these little pink colors to make all the difference.

Or to put it simply, we can put small plants on the coffee table: fragrant plants or mini cacti. To enhance the tone a bit, the sofa cushions are also green. This is a simple decoration, but absolutely eye-catching.

White: an old-fashioned color

For a sober and modern decor at the same time, white is always a good alternative. It will still be necessary to think of adding another color so as not to let white impose too much.

Here is a very good example, the walls are white as well as the sofa and a little gray is interposed. The atmosphere is warm with light sources to frame the decoration of the living room. The little extra that makes this piece original is the table that hangs just above the sofa.

We can note that wood is the best ally of the white color in a living room. We can perfectly opt for this color for almost the entire decor: the walls, the carpet, the cushions and even the sofa. In case, the whole thing forms an incredible rendering.

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The Decor Touch: Living Room Library

Who has never had a reading session on their sofa in their living room, accompanied by their little blanket and a cup of tea? Indeed, there is no better place in a house to install a library than in your living room. You just have to mount a few shelves to create it. The books will bring a touch of color to the whole.

Coffee Tables

The coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in the living room and plays very important roles in terms of decoration and practicality. During times with friends or family, it is often used to put snacks. Its size must be at most half the sofa, otherwise, it would be much too imposing and will harm all of the interior decoration. There are several materials to choose from: wood, glass, stone, and many more. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best based on its usefulness and style.

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