Improve Your Mattress and Get Better Sleep

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We are here to tell everyone that you do not need to sacrifice comfort for affordability when it comes to choosing a mattress, but you do want to pay attention to the types of mattresses out there. 

The average recommended amount of sleep for an adult is seven to eight hours a night, so when you’re spending a third of your day in bed (if not more), choosing .

a mattress is an important decision.

There are many reasons someone might need to buy a new mattress:

  • Your current mattress is an old hand-me-down that was never bought for you and you don’t quite fit right (in fact, you never really have)
  • You sleep with a partner and your current situation is too crunched or uncomfortable for the both of you
  • Your current mattress is just old and you’re noticing areas that are saggy or it’s just not as comfortable
  • Your mattress is damaged or something feels like it maybe broke (this is common with spring mattresses)
  • You wake up stiff or sore or you toss and turn all night because you cannot get comfortable
  • You are starting to notice things are smelling or you have a mattress with a lot of stains that are unsightly
  • You’re noticing an increase in runny sinuses or allergies when you’re in bed
  • Or, when you just really think about it, you’re not sleeping well

Your mattress should help you sleep and it should arguably be the most comfortable thing in your entire living space. You should look forward to going to bed and you should wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Not sore, sluggish, and in a bad mood because the “wrong side of the bed” is your ENTIRE bed.

Mattresses are also breeding grounds for dust, mold, bacteria, and unfortunately, even critters, if they are not taken care of and cleaned regularly. Especially if you have pets or have a hand-me-down situation, your mattress might actually be causing your allergies or even making you sick (plus you should not sleep on something that is just gross).

Regardless of the reason for being in the market for a new mattress, there are a few things to note when making the best mattress decision for you (or you and your partner):

  • Firmness. Mattresses come in ultra-plush to ultra-firm and firmness is directly related to comfort throughout the night. Depending on your body size, your shape, your weight, and the position in which you sleep people have varying preferences for firmness. A mattress should allow for stability and a level of support while also being comfortable with no pressure point pain.
  • Breathable. Mattresses should not trap heat and nobody wants to wake up sweaty. You want to choose a mattress with high-quality materials that regulates temperature. In addition, more breathable material keeps air movement flowing which naturally reduces smells and odors from building up as much.
  • Durable. Mattresses can last up to eight years if you treat them right, but not all mattresses are created equal. You want a mattress that is made of high-quality materials and can hold up to being used every single day. It needs to hold up to bouncing, jumping, kids, dogs, and everything else that goes on in a bed.
  • Size. Depending on your body size, your shape, your weight, and the position in which you sleep people ALSO have varying preferences for the overall size of their mattress. Do you move around a lot in your sleep? Like to sleep spread out like a starfish? Having a larger King bed might make a world of difference while for others, having a double or queen is more than enough space.

Buying a mattress is an investment and it has a direct impact on your comfort level, health, and mental state.

However, an investment does not automatically mean a huge, unrealistic price tag.

How to Find the Right Mattress

There are two ways to look at mattress shopping. On the one hand, you need to find a mattress that meets the right criteria (discussed right above). If you can get something with the correct firmness, size, and everything else, that will help you sleep.

But there’s another issue altogether, and it’s what holds most of us back. You need an affordable mattress that functions how you need it, and that’s the real challenge.

We all know that mattresses can get very expensive, so there are a few things to remember when you shop.

First, shop around. It’s obvious advice, but everyone is prone to impatience now and then. Even though you’re literally losing sleep over this, taking your time to shop around can help you find the perfect mattress at a reasonable price.

Second, explore financing options. A lot of mattress sellers and makers offer payment plans. Even if a mattress is expensive, it becomes a lot more management split over 12 months with no interest. So, keep that in mind.

Third, stay creative. Used mattresses are a thing, and they can provide a good experience at a nice price. There are also new and emerging mattress companies that sometimes offer incredible deals when they try to break into the market. You could even start a GoFundMe campaign if you think it will help. Keep your options open, and you’ll be able to upgrade your sleep quality.

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