Konosuba Season 3 – Release Date, Trailer, and First Look

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Konosuba is a Japanese light novel series, and the writer of this series is Natsume Akatsuki. In the series a there is a boy whose name is Kazuma Satō; this boy is sent to a world of fantasy with MMORPG elements after he dies. He becomes a dysfunctional party with a crusader and a goddess, and an arch wizard in the fantasy world. So now Konosuba Season 3 is coming after the successful launch of two seasons.

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After a long wait, fans are getting the third season of Konosuba. Konosuba is an isekai anime that is full of comedy with amazing and amusing characters in it. In the third season, the story will continue, and fans will get to know about Aqua, Megumin, Kazuma, and darkness that how their relationship will develop. These are the group members of Kazuma, and Kazuma supposes to battle with a Demon Lord in the fantasy world of this series.

Many fans are waiting for the announcement of Konosuba Season 3 release date ; well, we cannot wait to discover what happens next, so the excitement is real. Most anime series are the ones that relate to the real stories or something that exist already in the form of visual novels, manga, light novels, and even mobiles games. So Konosuba’s source is the light novel. Konosuba profits around $3,500,000 or approximately $300,000 per episode. There are also ebook writing service available that have the best writers to write an eBook for Konosuba if you want it.

Has the Konosuba light novel come to an end?

The novel’s writer concluded the novels on 1st May 2020 and came to an end with last volume seventeen. So the story of Konosuba has ended already. Not the series is going on, and the writer is stating that he will continue writing the novels in the future. So we are looking forward to more parts of Konosuba.

The light novel volumes that the anime covers

These anime covers are volume one and two for the 1st season of the anime in 2016 by the Deen studio. The second season is from volume three and four in 2017 and by Deen studio. The use of volume five was on the movie Kurenai Densetsu by J.C.Staff.

Sales and merchandise numbers of the Konosuba

Volume 16 of Konosuba came into existence in 2019, and it sold around 100 000 copies it. Volume 17 sold 95,000 copies. So it had a massive success selling such a large number of copies. Selling more than 100,000 per volume keeps this novel above all the isekai series such as Kenja Mago. There are 1,150 merchandise items of Konosuba, which includes key chains, plushies, mugs, acrylic stands, clear files, and more. The number of sales is massive and impressive, both for a short anime series and just one movie. The number of merchandise is also amazing, and it shows how fans love the series. The Konosuba series has more merchandise than the One Punch Man, so now this anime has a lot of competition.

KonosubaMovie box office and game downloads 

The movie box office Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Kurenai Densetsu was 710,000,000 yen; it is around six or five million dollars. It is selling of Blue-Ray copies in Japan was 20,000, and that is huge. Konosuba has a mobile game as well, and it is fascinating along with the revenue. They had a collaboration with Re: Zero and various anime series. There is also a game of Konosuba that has more than 3,000,000 times. The game is making a lot of money, and it already has got at least 1.2 million dollars in April this year, states the SensorTower, which tracks android and iOS applications.

Recognition details around the world of Konosuba season 3

Now from the details of the sales and number of downloads of the game of Konosuba, we already get to know the popularity of this anime series. People love to watch it, read its light novel, and also play the game. It seems like this anime is making a lot of space in the fan’s heart, and any other anime will have a bigger competition with it or replace it. It is not the best and most popular anime in the world.

It does not only have fans in Japan but international fans as well. To further conclude the popularity of the Konosuba anime series, if we explore the official sites, we will know how it is taking over the top place among other anime. It is where you can find it: Google trends, MyAnimeList rankings, merchandise, social media, and copies in print. All these things will be enough to know about ht recent popularity of Konosuba and its series. So here are some details about it that tell us about its recognitions:

  • MyAnimeList ranking

! 430,000 is the number of the population that is a fan base of Konosuba, so it ranks on number 34 on the MyAnimeList. It shows that Konosuba is the most popular Isekai series with the Re: Zero series.

  • Copies in print

In 2019 it had 9.000.000 copies in print which places it in the foremost 20 best-selling light novels of all times. If the story does not concludes in 2020, it can be in the top ten.

  • Latest merchandise

The latest merchandise of Konosuba is great, and it gets something new each month. The merchandise numbers did an increase in it and also in the department.

Is there a season 3 of the Konosuba series?

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Considering the popularity and wealth the series is getting, it would be shocking not to get a Konosuba season 3 in this year or the next. Surely season 3 of Konosuba will also leave a big excitement and gain popularity if it comes out. The issues arise when we know that the light novel is no more in the continuation process, and it had ended. But it is a relief to know from the writer of this novel that he will continue writing the novel, and it means that the series will also get a season 3. Konosuba Season 3 will keep the fans in the fan base and increase the merchandise value, gaming, and streaming revenues. So if there is a light novel, there will be a season 3, and this is the good news fans are waiting for, and they will wait for it.

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