Let that Nosering or Nosepin Do the Talking Girl! – 6 Noserings

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For all jewelry lovers around the world, all that glitters is every cent ‘gold’. Such is the obsession with this yellow metal globally that though with roots deep in history since 700 BC, it continues to be the largest bought metal commercially for non-industrial use! And it is not just Indians that are crazy about donning gold jewelry pieces. People across United States, Australia, and the UK too fancy gold jewelry equally. People, old and young alike, try and prefer to include a small piece of gold jewelry in their everyday look. It could take the form of either a plain gold ring or chain, fun-sized earrings, or even a slim bracelet. Indeed these are classic and tried-tested safe options for ages now, but a change of trend is inevitable and much needed as a breath of fresh air. The new-fashion jewelry trend is more experimental and imaginative. For instance, take nosering. Noserings or nose pins were once identified as an accessory of the tribes. But the modernist fashionistas’ are ardent lovers of nose rings. Nose ring designs available in the markets today have transformed dramatically into more contemporary and stylish forms from being old-school and dull. Take a plunge into this exciting, present-day vogue of nose rings by taking a cue from the below-mentioned roll!

Round ‘Rings’

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Lets’ begin with the kind that marked the return of noserings for all young girls after Sania Mirza. A simple wired nosering in gold, silver, or brass can give a sharper and leaner look to the face. It works in perfect synchrony with all apparel, be it in a customary traditional Salwar-Kurti or a tee paired with distressed jeans.

Embellished ‘Hoops’

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Embellished hoops are more of an extension of round noserings or nose pins to glam up the look. When round nosering is adorned with beads, studs, stones, or pearls, it looks immensely magnificent and surreal. These rings hung around the hair with a bejeweled chain continue to be the hot favorite among brides all across the country.

Maharashtra’s Popular ‘Nath’

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Though a supremely revered regional ornament, the last couple of years have seen ‘nath’ becoming a national love. These triangular nosering designs with a trinket drop at the bottom look exceptionally divine and playful at the same time.  It also amplifies the facial make-up without hindering the sight of the onlooker.

The Rich ‘Danda’

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Remember falling in love with Aishwarya’s larger-than-the-face nosering designs from Jodha Akbar? Yes, those are Indian Rajputana heritage pieces of nose ring called ‘Danda’. They are heavy, rich, and ooze exuberance like no other. Meant for customary occasions and weddings, they are sure to make the wearer feel and look royal. It is a must-try at least once!

The Subtle ‘Stud’

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Everyone likes to look extraordinary once in a while. But who doesn’t want to feel beautiful every day? And if it’s about being that girl-next-door, the immediate go-to option is to pick a simple, decent, and cute stud nosering. It could a plain colorless diamond or a small enamel-coated stone nosering design. Studs look stylish, chic, and accentuate the features create a twinkling effect in the eyes of the onlooker. They also make the face look leaner. Isn’t that a happy-happy reason to grab one today?

The Bold ‘Septum’

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Yes, you heard it right. The controversial and bold nosering that has proved to be a rage amongst young millennials globally is the septum ring. It is a small circular nosering worn around the membrane between the two nostrils. It is unconventional, daring, and held for those who are looking to adopt an adventurous look.

Nosering can be worn by anyone. Just pay attention to the face type, the personality, and the exposure while making a pick.

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