Liquid Wood – Everything You Need to Know About it

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Plastic is undoubtedly useful, easily worked, and great innovation of the 20th century. Despite being good utility it is not safe to use because of its non – biodegradable characteristics. Plastic also contains cancer-causing substances making it extremely harmful. But this is not a matter of concern because German scientists have found a new invention in their research. This new invention is Arboform basically Liquid wood. It is a perfect replacement for plastic.

What is Liquid Wood

Liquid wood is a by-product of papermaking. The cellulose used in papermaking consists of three components: lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose. The papermaking process does not use lignin. The unused lignin gets to mix with wood, hemp, or flax and certain additives. The new product formed is liquid wood. It is easy to mould and perfect to use as a replacement for plastic.

Earlier liquid wood was not safe for household products because of the high amount of sulphur present in it. But later German Researchers were able to reduce sulphur content in liquid wood or Arboform by 90 per cent making it safe to use in day to day life.

Benefits of Liquid Wood

  • Biodegradable
  • Easily moulded
  • Both shiny and matte finish
  • High resemblance to wood
  • High rigidity
  • Recycled

The future of liquid wood is bright. Future toys, food containers and car bodies will be made with liquid wood. Arboform is a future material and researchers believe it will be in use in most areas and has true value.

Commonly used liquid wood in today’s time is retique it liquid wood and abatron liquid wood.

Retique It liquid wood is used to put an unfinished wood layer on any surface. It is suitable for furniture, cabinets, doors, drywalls and metals. Retique it is easy to apply with a paintbrush or paint spray. After that stain the surface with your favourite colour.

Abatron liquid wood is the best liquid wood filler. It is an easy to use wood hardener that penetrates deeply into the wood and combines strongly with deteriorated wood. Abatron liquid wood is good to use on buildings, windows, furniture, beams, decks and wooden elements.

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