Looking to Step into Aviation? Consider These 3 Jobs!

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If you’d ask us about the best-paying jobs in the United States, we won’t be able to complete the list without mentioning aviation jobs!

If you dreamt of flying in your childhood, pursuing a career can fulfill your dreams.

The truth is, jobs in the aviation industry are not restricted to just pilot or flight attendants; it offers various career opportunities. If you are confused about the aviation career that’d be best for you, we have got you covered!

Mentioned below are the top three highest-paying aviation jobs in the US. We have also mentioned complete details about job responsibilities, required qualifications, and expected salary for the job positions so that you can take the right airplane classes.

Take a look.


Airline pilots fly and navigate aircraft for commercial airlines. These aircrafts are responsible for transporting people and cargo on a fixed schedule.

Job Responsibilities

The primary duties of a pilot include:

  • Pre-flight checks of fuel, engines, and safety systems of the aircraft.
  • Creating the best flight path and adjusting in case of weather emergencies.
  • Briefing the cabin crew.
  • Following air traffic control instructions.

Required Qualifications

To qualify as an airline pilot, you require earning a bachelor’s degree, a commercial pilot’s license, and an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. You also need to undertake on-the-job training of six to eight weeks at ground school and at least 25 hours of flight time.

Average Salary

The median annual salary for an airline pilot is $73,280. Fresher pilots earn about $20/hour, whereas experienced pilots earn several thousands of hours, earning well over $200,000 a year.

Aircraft Engineer

Aircraft engineer’s job duties include installing, maintaining, and repairing aircraft engines, assembly, supervising mechanical systems, ensuring flight safety and fuel efficiency. Avionics technicians are responsible for the electronic maintenance of the aircraft.

Job Responsibilities

An aircraft engineer job demands duties like:

  • Regular checkups of aircraft engines, airframes, and other mechanical systems and replacing the faulty parts.
  • Maintaining and servicing the aircraft.
  • Maintaining proper records of all aircraft repairs.
  • Conducting pre-flight checks to ensure complete safety.

Required Qualifications

To establish a career as an aircraft engineer, you must undertake professional training for appropriate certifications and qualifications in the area in which you wish to specialize.

Average Salary

The median annual salary for an aircraft engineer is $124,430.

Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller is accountable for managing communication with pilots and offering support in emergencies. The primary duty involves managing in and outflow of aircraft from the airport and the safe flight of the aircraft. It involves communicating with pilots and ensuring that pilots receive clear instructions for takeoff and landing of the plane.

An air traffic controller works within traffic control towers, airport terminals, or Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC). An air traffic controller needs to possess sound judgment and quick decision-making abilities.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide aircraft takeoff and landing instructions to pilots.
  • Direct on the ground aircraft movement with the help of radar and computers.
  • Track and control ground traffic at the airport.
  • Furnish relevant information to pilots, including weather updates.
  • Provide support in the case of an emergency.

Required Qualifications

To qualify as an air traffic controller, you need to undergo a two or four-year degree program at the respective flight training school. You are also required to pass an aptitude-based selection process of about eight hours, referred to as the Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test.

Average Salary

The median annual salary of an air traffic controller is $122,530. The bottom 10 percent of air traffic controllers earn less than $64,930, and the top 10 percent make more than $171,340.

Final Word

Apart from these top three paying aviation jobs, other well-paying job positions are also available in the aviation sector, including airspace marshall, aircraft mechanic, flight dispatcher, flight attendants, and customer service agents. Assess your skills and area of interest, then make an informed decision and step into the aviation industry with your dream aviation job.

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