Mattress Shopping 101: Best Shopping Advice for New Beds

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Is it that time of the year again when you’ve noticed the mattress has been slumping down more often? Or does waking up in the morning always give you a sore back-side?

It’s time to consider visiting the local furniture shop and purchasing a brand new mattress. If you were never fond of going out shopping for new home products, then it might be quite a challenge.

When you want to make the most refined adjustments to your bedroom, one of the best pieces of advice for shopping is to canvass through the best deals shops have to offer. Investing in a new mattress should be a priority, especially if you want to improve your sleep. This article will serve as a reliable guide for your next mattress shopping.

The Price Isn’t Always Right

By now, you might have heard of the most popular shopping proverb that goes “quality over quantity,” “the more expensive, the better,” and many other quotes. However, it’s not always that the best mattresses offered in the market can provide the best comfort and support even without an expensive price tag.

A wise customer should always keep a pocket of knowledge on the materials that make a mattress the way it is. Researching what makes up a bed could be a big aid before you shop for a new one.

Moreover, doing a little research on the type of mattress you want to buy gives you an idea of your preferences when it comes to your type of bed. There are different types of mattresses to choose from, and so are the types of materials, levels of comfort, and support that a bed could provide.

Learn About Your Preferred Mattress Type

As a customer, you should always be prepared to know what your preferred bed type is. The market has so many mattresses to offer, so it could get overwhelming for every shopper on which bed is the best choice. Below are some of the most popular types of mattresses you should check out:

  • Memory Foam

The memory foam would be a certified all-time crowd favorite; if you were to ask your friends or anyone regarding which mattress type would they recommend you buy, the memory foam would instantly be a top pick.

Moreover, the foam is well-known for its superb support and comfort quality. A memory foam’s soft and flexible materials provide sleepers with the best comfort and body molding system; it also helps relax pressure points in your body and relieve pain.

  • Innerspring Bed

Another classic type of bed that consumers keep coming back to is the innerspring mattress. The bed’s encased coil springs help support the sleeper’s body as they lay down. The innerspring is made of materials that provide the same comfort as memory, latex, and pillow tops.

Moreover, the innerspring bed’s durability is supported because of its coil springs. Shoppers should still know the lifespan of an innerspring’s coil system, as careless usage may shorten its usefulness.

  • Adjustable Mattresses

The mattress industry continues to create the most innovative and advanced bed types to provide better comfort for all sleepers; one is the adjustable mattress.

Moreover, adjustable mattresses are uniquely made with different materials from all sorts of mattress types such as memory, latex, and more. However, because of different material types to create the adjustable mattress, flexibility might be an issue.

Choose Your Preferred Bed Size

Not only do beds come in different types, but also all sorts of sizes. When you’re the type of person who values room space, then the size of your mattress should matter, as there are various choices available in the market. Here are just some of the following bed sizes:

  • California King Bed
  • King Size Bed
  • Queen Size Bed
  • Twin Size Mattress

These are just the common bed sizes available in your local furniture shop, and it’s better to have your room space measured before buying a new bed. Take note of your bedroom space and apply it to your choice of mattress once arriving in the furniture shop.

Search for Mattress Reviews Online

When you’ve reached a decision where you’ve finally considered buying a new mattress on your next trip to Walmart or the neighborhood mall, it’s always wise to look through different mattress reviews posted online.

Another helpful tip is asking suggestions from your friends and colleagues on which mattress review blogs to check online. Similar people who share the same mattress preference as you make buying a new bed easier.

Ensure Purchase Warranty

Most stores offer warranty and trial week periods for all kinds of purchases. You can always ask the store if their mattress comes with a warranty in case of unexpected cases of it becoming defective a week after the purchase.


Mattress shopping may sound like a chore, but beds should always be the top priority when it comes to investing on home furniture, especially for bedrooms. If you want to seek the ultimate comfort and body support, there are a lot of mattress options to choose from, however it takes simple research and advice to stick with the best type of bed.

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