Methods To Remove Pet Hairs from Your Carpets

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Pets — they make us smile and comfort us when we cry. However, the joy seems to disappear when it is time to shed our precious carpet of their furs. It’s a tough task to remove pet hairs from the carpet, but it slowly becomes irritating when we are trying to give an excellent impression to august visitors. Faced with this? What should you do? Make your work easy with these easy tricks of ours.

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What do you need?

The tricks we will be sharing will depend on some equipment for them to work correctly. So, you should choose the method according to the material that best suits you. However, these are the general equipment, to remove pet hairs, you will need for the tricks:

  • Baking soda
  • Lint roller/ FURemover broom
  • Rubber gloves or rubber flip flops
  • Spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • Vacuum cleaner

The easy way out

Now you have seen the things you need to make it work. Let us dive into how you can use them to get the desired results.

Use balloons

This method is the silliest of them all, but also one of those methods to remove pet hairs, that can get your job done within the twinkle of an eye. Do you want to turn your sweaty irritating moment into a playful and fun time? Grab a balloon and let’s get cleaning.

  1. Inflate the balloon and take it close to the surface of the carpet you want to expel the hairs.
  2. Rub the balloon gently across the surface of the carpet. Soon, you will notice that the hairs will stick to the surface of the balloon.
  3. Take the balloon off the carpet and collect the hairs. Inflate it again and repeat the process. Do this until there are no more hairs attaching to the balloon. Now, your carpet is free from your pet’s hairs.

Do you think this method is magical? Please, drop it! The attraction of the pet’s hair to the balloon is caused by static electricity generated when the balloon is rubbed against the carpet.

The fabric softener helps out too

The main reason you cannot easily take out the fur from your carpet is that the fibres of the rug are tightly holding on to them. The fabric softener will loosen them up for you. However, you will start this method by preparing a solution and following the steps below:

  • Measure in one part of fabric softener into a clean bowl, and three parts of water into the same bowl
  • Pour the solution into a spray bottle
  • Spray this solution lightly on your rug. Ensure you do not spray too much as you only need the solution to be a light mist on the carpet
  • Allow the carpet to dry. If you applied the solution as lightly as recommended, then it should not take a long time to dry
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to take off all the fur by hovering regularly.

In this method to remove pet hairs, the solution you prepared with fabric softener causes the carpet to open up and allow the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the hairs of the pet quickly.

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Lint rollers/ FURemover work well too

In case you don’t know what these are, the FURemover and lint rollers are handy tools to remove pet hairs. The lint roller is more like a small contraption that has a sticky surface. This sticky surface picks up the furs when you roll it on the rug. Since this device is small, it is best used for low carpets or to clean small areas.

The FURemover is a special brush for the carpet that helps take our pet hair while cleaning. You can find this in your pet shop, but if you do not, feel free to order for it online. This tool is used as a regular brush that you use to brush your carpet. This tool is larger than the lint roller and can be used to clean larger areas.

Grab your squeegee

Maybe you tossed the squeegee aside! Pick it up and ease your labour. As a plus, you will enjoy better results if the squeegee you invested in is the extra-wide one. To use it, you need to pull it along the floor so that the rubber can pull up the pet hairs from the rug. This method is gentle, so there is no chance of it hurting your carpets.

Flip flops and rubber glove method

Here, you will get your hands doing the job. Take up the flip flops and gloves. Wear the two of them on your hands and wet them slightly if you need to. Rub them on the surface of your rugs and carpets, and you will notice the fur coming on them.

The baking soda method is the standard method used for cleaning carpets. We classify it under the home recipes for cleaning your carpet. You can stay close to find out more.

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