Michael Tell – Life & Facts

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Michael Tell is a famous rock promoter, but he is more popular for his relationship and marriage with famous late actress Patty Duke. Here, we will discuss some interesting facts about Michael Tell. So, let’s get started.

Who is Michael Tell

Michael Tell is a rock promoter, which means he is a song advertiser and promoter. But he didn’t contribute any such thing that could make him known professionally. He started to get attention in the 1970s when he became Patty Duke’s spouse. He married the late famous American actress Patty Duke, but their marriage lasted for only thirteen days. After their separation, Michael didn’t disclose anything about himself in front of the media. Due to this, his lifestyle after their divorce is mysterious for many.

Michael Tell’s Early Life – Career & Education

Michael Tell kept his early life a secret. Much information about his life before his marriage to Patty Duke was not available. Still, as per records, Michael Tell was born in the 1940s. Sources said that he developed his passion for the rock music genre when he was in high school. But as he couldn’t sing well, he couldn’t be a singer. Therefore, he started to promote rock music, and this became his profession.

Michael Tell is 5feet, and 4inches tall, and reports claim that he is in his 70s now.

Michael Tell’s Personal life

Michael’s marriage with Patty surprised all as they were not in a relationship for a long time. They got married in the 1970s. Some sources claimed that the remarkable actress was not in a stable mental state at the time of her marriage and exchanged vows with Michael, who shared her apartment.

Michael met his ex-wife in a restaurant for the first time. It was thought that this was the beginning of their relationship. However, Patty claimed that she was in a relationship with three men named Desi Arnaz Jr. and John Astin, with Michael. According to rumors, Patty conceived her son Sean Astin before she married Michael. Unfortunately, the couple separated only a couple of weeks after their marriage, and after one year, they got a divorce.

Michael Tell Net worth

It is anticipated that Michael Tell has a net worth of $1 to $1.2 million which was his income from his musical profession. On the other hand, Patty Duke had $10 million net worth when she died. It can’t be said that if Michael is still earning presently, it can be assumed that he and his family are financially stable.

Some interesting facts about Michael Tell:

Here are some interesting facts about Michael Tell:

Michael’s controversial marriage with Patty Duke:

Michael and Duke’s marriage had created a lot of controversies. They were not dating each other for a long time and decided to tie a knot. Then surprisingly, they became separated only after thirteen days of getting married. Their marriage and divorce are a hot topic of discussion, though both of them didn’t inform anything clearly the reason behind their break up only after less than two weeks.

Patty Duke was married four times

Patty Duke, the Oscar-winning actress, tied the knot with four men. In 1965, she wedded with Harry Falk, who was a director. Harry was thirteen years older than her. This marriage came to an end after four years in 1969.

After the divorce, she married Michael Tell in 1970, which was lasted for only thirteen days. This way, her second marriage was also not successful.

After her separation from Michael, she was having a relationship with renowned actor John Astin with whom she tied a knot in 1972 for the third time. The couple had a son named Mackenzie Astin in 1973, who is an actor. However, this marriage also ended after thirteen years, and Patty Duke and John Astin got divorced in 1985.

Patty married a drill sergeant, Michael Pearce, for the fourth time in 1986. They stayed together as husband and wife till Duke’s demise in 2016. They don’t have any biological children, but they adopted a son and named him Kevin.

Michael’s former wife Patty Duke died at the age of 69

Patty Duke Michael’s ex-wife died on 29th March 2016 at the age of 69. She had sepsis from a damaged intestine. Duke’s agent Mitchell K. Stubbs declared Patty’s demise. Later her son Sean Astin confirmed the statement by releasing a press statement. Before her death, Patty suffered from bipolar complications in 1982.

Is Michael Tell the father of Sean Astin?

After less than six months of Patty’s separation from Michael Tell, she gave birth to her son Sean Astin, and maximum people thought that Michael Tell was Sean Astin’s father.

But when she was dating Michael, she was also dating two other men simultaneously. So, it can’t be indeed said that Sean was Michael’s son, as he could be the son of the other two.

But the actress who became famous with her portrayal of Helen Keller on Broadway broke her silence on this issue. In her autobiography, she informed that Sean was John Astin’s son. John was legally married to some other woman, not to disclose their relationship for some time. But after his divorce, they got married in 1972.

But when Sean turned fourteen, Patty disclosed that Sean was the son of Desi Arnaz Jr. When Sean became twenty-six, he decided to go for a DNA test to know who is his biological father. The report suggested that Michael Tell was his birth father. He also agreed to the fact.

Did Michael got remarried?

After his divorce from the marvelous actress Patty Duke, Michael never tied the knot with any other woman. He continues his life as a divorced man.

Michael Tell children

Michael and Patty have a son Sean Astin who is a famous actor. Though Patty denied the fact later, Michael claimed his paternity, and DNA revealed that Michael is the birth father of Sean.


So, this is the life of Michael Tell. It could be hard to say that he would be anyone to discuss if she didn’t marry Patty Duke. He always preferred not to the public his personal life. His life after his divorce from Patty is still undercover.

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