How New Techniques Help In Indian Agriculture Farming In 2021

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In India, more than 75% of people depend on Agriculture. Agriculture is the biggest source for the farmers to earn the profit from the output. From Indian traditional farming to modern technologies the farm practices help a lot in doing agriculture farming. Agriculture farming is done in several ways. The old and traditional methods of farming not only waste the time and energy of the farmers but also not give profit to the farmers. Later on, the invention of new technologies and techniques gave rise to the Indian farming system. Agriculture works with several types of machinery, implements, production of new tractors, and so on.

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There are several new technologies produced by various companies for the use of agriculture farming that makes effective solutions to the problems. In recent years digital technologies have taken place to make the work more manageable, profitable, simple, and safer for the benefit of the farmers working on the fields.

In the agriculture sector, there are some significant impacts that make it effective including some digital tools like farm types of machinery, sustainable agriculture, modern agriculture farming, etc.

Effective Technologies Used By Farmers In Agriculture Farming

Some of the essential modern and digitized form of technologies used in agriculture farming are as follows:-

GIS And GPS Based Agriculture

Agriculture fields are mostly location-based. The role of GIS software becomes an important tool in precision farming. GIS software enables farmers to know the better usage of map locations, predictions of temperatures, changes in weather, crop yields, etc.  On the other hand, the GPS software tool enables us to work smartly with applications by optimizing it with fertilizer and pesticide applications. Also, provide benefits to the farmers dealing with the particular field rather than the entire field. With the help of GIS and GPS software, it helps to achieve the effort, time, and money of the farmers.

GIS can also collect data on several fields of agriculture including soil conditions, weather conditions, vegetation, terrain, etc. This data can be collected while using applications of satellites and drones.

Drone An Essential Aid For Agriculture Farming

In recent years, Drone is an important aid in the field of agriculture. The drone provides several benefits to the farmers by the assistance of knowing exact crop biomass, the presence of weeds, plant height, and water saturation on certain field areas. Drones provide a large amount of data within a shorter period of time. One of the other roles of Drone is to fight against insects on the larger fields.

Online Data A Digital Platform For Advancement In Agriculture

An online data collection with the advancement in technology helps farmers to make a proper decision in the treatment of crop monitoring while having a satellite monitoring system. The online data collection will help in ascertaining whether analytics, better analytics of crop farming, etc.

Merging Data Aid Helps In Monitoring The Field Of Agriculture

When data is received from all the fields, now it will help in gathering the data from the crop monitoring process while knowing the performance of multiple fields in combination with the other data.

Thus, the production of new technologies and techniques helps farmers while optimizing inputs and increases productivity. While using the new methods will give better scope to the farmers in the future.

Advantage Of Mobile Technology And Cameras

For farmers, the use of mobiles and cameras helps in tracking the live location of the animals when they are away from farms or homes through the cameras up or some farmers also use an app called ‘Foursquare’. Through placing cameras on farms, farmers can know about their presence through images.

Controlling Irrigation and Monitoring system through Smart Phones

Smartphones nowadays enhance their usages even in Agri farms. For controlling and monitoring irrigation systems. Smartphones tell the moisture of every depth of the field, that is why it is useful for farmers.

Crop Sensing Machine

A crop Sensor machine or equipment helps in knowing the exact details of the crop productions in your field, also it helps in knowing the farmers at how much fertilization is needed for the crop in the particular field. The crop sensing machine fights against insects, pets,etc on the field.

Pervasive Automation

Pervasive Automation is used in reducing the burden of the farmers. Pervasive automation is the agricultural automation term used in the industry. This term is also used for making seeding and fertilization properly.

Vertical Farming System

Vertical Farming has become the new trend of growing foods in vertical layers. It is beneficial in growing with the urban environment that helps in providing fresh food at lower output. 

Croplins Digital Farming

Such kind of digital farming helps the farmers by knowing the data of the farm levels, information about fertility of soil, seedbed treatment, application fertilizers, treatment of livestock,etc.


Well, it is not hard to say that new technology is a gift to farmers. There are numerous technologies available in the market in providing benefits to the farmers. New technologies help in enduring more services to the farmers. New technologies are time-saving, more economical, multiple task performer machines. Thus, the above technologies are very grateful for the measurement of crop protection. Nowadays digitalization is playing a major role in making all the sectors hands free from the harden situation. In Indian agriculture also new technologies have made the work of the farmers so easier and smarter that is helping them in various norms and policies adhered to by the government.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud are some of the latest technologies that help farmers to understand better crop yield, climate control, and better price control.

Some other technologies like sensors, GPS, and GIS systems make smart farming and the use of digital technology changes the working of agriculture in India. With the multiple new technologies agriculture system is enhancing its capabilities of farm work with making more output results and increasing the income of the farmers and saving more time. Agriculture farming is progressing towards the growth of the industry.

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