The OgyMogy: A Must-Have Monitoring App For Managing Workplace

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The worksite is that place where you spend more than half of your day. Well, some of you will argue about night hours as well. In short, a major portion of adult life is spent in the workplace. So a workplace must have a nice and healthy environment, to begin with. As an employee, you work with several people.

They may be categorized under friends list, or colleagues,  juniors, seniors and clients, etc. The same is the deal with being an employer. You have to make sure that you are efficiently managing the human as well as capital resources. You have to invest enough energy and resources in human power to get the maximum output from them. So in this digital era, a monitoring app is a must-have for any kind of working place.

It can help to be surveillance eyes in managing their work more efficiently from a digital perspective. And can increase the productiveness of the employees as we all know it’s a mere common fact that deadlines and monitoring eyes make us work one hundred times better than normal case scenarios.

There are several monitoring apps and computer monitoring software but you have to select the one which can offer you more features within your budget range. One of the monitoring app that can be a very good selection for your workplace surveillance is The OgyMogy.

OgyMogy offers many packages to customers to select according to their demands. All you need to do is select the desired package and install the OgyMogy employee spy app in the target gadgets.

Wasted Time Means Wasted Money

OgyMogy offers several features that you can use to make better utilization of your employees’ time within the office hours. If you are suspicious about any employee who is responsible for wasting working hours inside or outside work you can track their activities by using the android cameras.OgyMogy allows the user to watch the real-time surrounding of the target person by bugging into an android camera. Thus you can watch and listen to the audio as well to know about the activities of the respective employee.

Monitor Their Screens Around The Clock

You can watch the screen of your employee at any time to know about their activities.OgyMogy has the feature of screen recording which allows the user to watch the screen of any employee at any given time. You can watch the screen live to give a surprise visit check or can monitor their activities through small screenshots captured by OgyMogy. It also saves the screen in the form of small video recording as well. Thus maintain strict surveillance around the clock to make sure no one is wasting their time in useless activities.

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Keep An Eye On Official Gadgets

A certain workplace provides official gadgets like smartphones etc to employees for official use. Make sure no one is using these devices for personal use.OgyMogy allows the user to track all kinds of apps installed on the target person’s phone. Thus employers can make sure to track the official android phones and ensure the proper use of the official gadgets with the help of OgyMogy. It will report any kind of extra or useless app installed in the official gadget.

Avoid Social Media Inclusion in Office Hours

Social media can be one of the time waiting source for employees. People keep going back to them for no apparent reason so it is necessary to monitor social media engagement frequency during working hours.OgyMogy has this list of spy apps built with the sole purpose of monitoring social .media apps. Employers can use the Instagram spy app, Twitter spy app, FaceBook spy app, Skype spy app and many more keep an eye on social media activities of the employees.

Say No To Online Shopping In the Office

Intent can be a huge source of distraction and time wastage. So OgyMogy allows the user to keep an eye on the internet browsing history tab of the employees. It will record all about the websites visited by the user along with the bookmarked folder as well. Employers will have full knowledge about the employees who are visiting online shopping sites or playing games or watching movies in the official hours.

So having a monitoring app like OgyMogy is mandatory for all the employers to improve the monitoring system of their organization.

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