Pashmina Scarf – New Fashion Statement

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Pashmina is a fine fabric that comes in different variety and colors. Pashmina is often called as Kashmiri wool because of its origin in Kashmir. Pashmina scarf has become a new fashion statement these days because of clothes’ handiness and vibrant colors.

In the fashion industry, the Pashmina scarf is now considered as the high-end accessory that has multi-functions to enhance the look of the person. So, it will not be a wrong decision to Buy Pashmina Scarves. But before that check out some interesting facts about this accessory.

pashmina scarf

What is the history of Pashmina Scarf?

The modern-day Pashmina scarf which is now very popular among all the women was originated in Ancient Egypt. As per the document, the first recorded evidence of wearing a scarf was by Queen Nefertiti in 1350 BC. The description of the queen said, “tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress”.
After that, the Chinese Emperor Cheng used the scarf as the mark of the military rank among his army. After the 19th century, the Pashmina scarf has become a fashion statement for women. Designers, especially Indian designers, started to explore the potentiality of the silk and Pashmina scarves. First ready to wear scarf was made by the French fashion empire Hermes in 1837 that had a graphic design on it. The popularity of the silk scarf was started with Queen Victoria.

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How Pashmina scarves have made its progress?

With the growing popularity of the scarf, the designers have started to experiment with the materials. They liked to include different other fabrics like chiffon, muslin, and wool mix apart from silk and Pashmina. They have introduced new types of designs and patterns as well. The scarves not only become fashion statements but also a status symbol. The classic women like to Buy Pashmina Scarf to make their appearance gorgeous and timeless.

How women are using their Pashmina scarves?

Fashion is a kind of art that is not very common. It is a platform of amalgamation for functionality and style. The different types of scarves have diversity and value as well.

The best think about the Pashmina scarf is that you can wrap it around everything. You can cover your neck in the winter or make it a fashion accessory. You can wear it with a casual outfit or a traditional one; it will complement every single thing. Now, from embroidery to tie and die; so many varieties of scarves are available that you will always have a new option ready on the shelf.

The Pashmina scarves are quite luxurious and often considered as an heirloom. You can pair it with any type of coats or jacket. This scarf is a great way to protect your neck from chilly winter winds without hampering your style quotient. In summer days, this light and breezy scarf also help your skin to breathe.

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