PDFBear Guide: Turning A Word Document Into PDF Format Conveniently

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Documents have been a basic form for people since the introduction of technology and have been long. It’s commonly used to write and compose important articles, researches, letters, projects, and so much more. These types of means are frequent for working professionals and students.

There will always be a time for some situations wherein converting a specific document into a particular file format is required, and this site offers a convenient and functional tool to use for free. It’s the ultimate choice for altering and correcting PDF files in just a matter of a few clicks! Here are some of PDFBear’s tools you can manage.

Convert Word Document To PDF Format Tool

One of the well-known and used tools on their platform is the Word DOC to PDF tool. The majority of its users are from the corporate world and people who are studying. Transforming a Word document into a PDF file format is a convenient conversion to most as they can quickly edit, add images, texts, and many more.

But, there will always be a particular point where a DOC file needs to be converted into a PDF file format. It’s more straightforward to scan, read, and print out of it. However, to convert it with PDFBear, there must be a simple rule to comply. Go to the site and look for the Word to PDF tool.

After searching, choose and upload the selected file into the toolbox. Once done, this SaaS tool will immediately start to convert the DOC file into a PDF file, and at this point, please for a moment for the conversion to complete and save it to your device. Rest assured, waiting won’t be taking that long as PDFBear works swiftly.

PDFBear’s Incredible Tools And Features

You’re on the good track if you are looking for an all-in-one online converter that is free of charge. PDFBear can assist everyone with anything and everything related to your document needs. It is an online-based tool that turns documents into various kinds of file formats. It has different tools and features that are indeed efficient to use.

This website offers special tools such as PDF to HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, Excel, Word, PDFA, and many more. What’s excellent with converting with this tool is that it provides its users to convert the other way around as well, which some online converter tools don’t offer.

Moreover, you can also do Splitting, Locking, and Unlocking of the file, Compressing, Fixing corrupted or damaged files, etc. By using these excellent tools, this converter has four straightforward solutions. The first thing is to go to their website and choose the device you want to use.

Then, upload the desired file into the designated toolbox. The tool will immediately start uploading and converting the document, so make sure you have altered and modified your file to match your document’s specification. Please wait for a while for the conversion to complete before saving it into your device.

Upgrading To Premium Version

Individuals can use all of PDFBear’s features for free but only for a specific number of times. The thing with this SaaS tool is you can’t convert simultaneously. However, subscribing to their premium version, you will have the fortune to have its great benefits and perks that everyone would love and appreciate.

This is great, especially when you’re handling and working with various files that need alterations and conversions all at once. The PRO users can relish not experiencing any annoying pop-up advertisements; they get priority whenever they have technical problems, and most importantly, can convert files simultaneously.

PDFBear Is Always Within Reach

There is no reason to be concerned with PDFBear’s availability. Whether you are at the mall, at home, or at your friend’s house, you will have easy access with this site. All you only need is a serviceable device and a trusted and reliable internet connection— there’s no need for additional downloads, installations, and plug-ins.

On top of that, PDFBear has a unique security system that is 100% guaranteed safe. It has an SSL connection that stands for Secure Sockets Layer—a standard technology utilized to protect internet browsers that have been operated between two programs. Your confidential and sensitive documents are always in safe hands with this site.

Moreover, This SaaS tool has a unique security policy wherein, after 60 minutes, everything that has been uploaded and transmitted on their website will be permanently deleted after 60 minutes. A perfect feature for people who are not comfortable with putting their personal information on the web.


There may be various practical converter tools online, but only a few can be counted on and efficiently. PDFBear has all of these fantastic qualities and tools that can be relied on. It can be used for free, and all of its functional tools are straightforward. Make sure to check out this awesome tool today!

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