Pendant vs Necklace: What Are the Differences?

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Did you order the wrong piece of neck jewelry from an online store? You opened your package to discover that you purchased a pendant instead of a necklace. 

The pendant vs necklace dynamic can be confusing for first-time jewelry buyers. 

Online jewelry stores can have misleading pictures and descriptions of their products. But do not think these online stores are trying to trick you into buying the wrong items.

You can waste plenty of money on jewelry when you have limited knowledge about what you are buying. Always do your research to make sure you are purchasing the right piece of jewelry.

Keep reading to learn about the differences between a pendant and a necklace.

What is a Pendant?

Have you ever been blown away at rappers and their neck pieces? Many rap artists wear chains with large pendants on them.

A  pendant is a detachable piece of jewelry that goes on necklaces. 

Pendants can range in price depending on size and materials. You can buy a pre-made pendant or have it custom-made to your liking.

Pendants tend to last longer than necklaces because you do not wear them as often. A pendant will stay intact even if your necklace breaks. 

Pendants are a great way to add character to your necklace.

Pendant Buying Guide

Get familiar with the different types of pendants that are available. Pendants come in various sizes but can not go on every necklace. 

Double-check that you purchase the correct size pendant for your necklace.

Take your necklace to a jewelry store and have them size a pendant for you. You can also buy a pendant and necklace together to save some time.

You can pass down this piece of jewelry if you invest in a good-quality pendant. 

What is a Necklace?

Necklaces are a common jewelry item to have in your jewelry box. There are many different necklace types and sizes.

Necklaces are jewelry that laces around the neck.

Some necklaces come with a clasp for easy on and off. But longer necklaces can come on and off over your head. 

Some necklaces come with pendants like these Miraculous Mary necklaces. But you can purchase necklaces separately from pendants.

Necklace Guide

Decide what type of necklace you want before you start shopping. You will cut your search in half by nailing down the specifics. 

You can find cheaper necklaces at online stores or boutiques. But you can find the best necklace at any major department store or jewelry store.

Always pay attention to a necklace’s length and weight. Get sized for a necklace if you want to buy a choker or chain. 

Pendant vs Necklace 

Shopping for jewelry can be an expensive and lengthy process. Get clear on the pendant vs necklace differences to avoid buying the wrong piece of jewelry. 

Jewelry is one of life’s many investments. Visit the Lifestyle section for education on other major life purchases.

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