Plumbing Pipes: Types & Applications

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Even if you do not have a deep interest in plumbing, it is still a necessity for you to know the different types of pipes most especially when you are planning to own a house in the future or even when you have already one. When you achieved this kind of knowledge, you will be able to know the best kind of pipes to use for a specific purpose. A quality plumber must know about these things for sure. Furthermore, you are capable of maintaining the plumbing system of your house for a long time since you are already equipped with knowledge. To deepen your understanding of different plumbing pipes, you should read further.

1. PVC also called as Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

PVC pipes vary from size to size depending on its purpose. Usually, it is being used for multiple fields, but in choosing the right plumbing, its main purposes are drain, vent, waste lines, hot and cold potable water lines, and sewage applications.


• PVC pipes possess good flexibility which is essential for the plumbing system since it can withstand fractures. It is not easy to break due to its flexibility and it can withstand sudden movements as well as strong vibration.

• PVC plumbing pipes are light in weight. Due to its weight, even a single person can install it without having difficulties. Moreover, the transport charge is cheaper than the other pipes with heavyweight since companies who transport good charges fee depending on how light or heavy the material is.

• PVCs are made out of non-toxic materials that are why it is much safer to use. In addition, researchers exerted a lot of effort in order to invent it.

2. Rigid Copper Pipe

This type of plumbing pipe has been widely used for over a long period of time that is why it is very popular up until this moment. Copper pipes can naturally resist corrosion and it has a good durability, which explains why it can last long. This pipe is best used for a water supply because it does not carry toxic materials that can affect the health of people. However, copper pipes require soldering so you need to practice this activity if you want to install this type of pipe on your own.

3. PEX or Cross-linked Polyethylene Piping

PEX pipes are being widely used today because of its convenience. This type of plumbing pipe is flexible and it has color-codes. It is very convenient for someone to cut and connect this pipe. In addition, PEX pipes can last for a longer time since it has a good durability. Lastly, it does not require high maintenance, which is an advantage for you.

4. Stainless Steel Pipes

This type of pipe is considered as one of the strongest pipes in the plumbing industry that is why it is being installed near coastal areas. Since corrosion usually happens there, stainless steel pipes are highly in need of that area to avoid leakage.

Having enough knowledge will lead you to the right decision when it comes to selecting pipes for your own residence or even with your small establishment to easily clear blocked drains for your convenience. We hope that after reading this, you are already equipped with the right decision. So, go now to the nearest hardware and select the best pipe that would fit the matter you want to solve.

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