Pros of Adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer for New Dog Parents

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Who doesn’t love a sporty dog that is clean-cut, well-proportioned, and goes with the name of German Shorthaired Pointer? Hands down, it is one of the best pointer dogs to own. For a dog lover who also loves to trek, hike, and hunt in the woods, a GSP would make for the perfect companion!

Dogs are known for their loyalties to their dog parents, likewise, a GSP is a family-oriented dog breed too. They are high-spirited, with high energy requirements, highly affectionate, and playful lot. If you are wondering whether a GSP is the right fit for you or not then you need to look towards the brighter side of owning one.

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It’s time you learn about the pros of adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer especially if it’s your first time owning a dog.

Awesome family qualities

You can check out certain qualities from the checklist when it comes to GSP. They are super intelligent, active, and happy puppies! One of the best types of pointer dogs becomes a good family dog in no time.

Their friendliness, enthusiasm, affection, and playfulness are yet another reason why they are simply the best of all pointer dogs.  Their friendliness and playfulness is plenty of reason to have them around small kids too.

A GSP will sniff out the stranger or any kind of danger right away if they smell trouble. Their cool and calm nature makes them an ideal choice for couples who want an active but quiet dog around their family.

Sense of utter loyalty

We all know a dog’s sense of loyalty is unprecedented. Nothing can compete with that. This is somewhat a common ground for all dogs. However, GSPs take the loyalty factor to the next level.

It suffices to say that since their birth two things matter the most to GSPs – hunting and loyalty to their owner.

If you are an outdoorsy kind of bunch, having the GSP by your side as the pointer dog is the best thing that can happen. Their open and friendly nature keeps them in your good graces.

Groomingless trouble

Minimal dog grooming is a pro when you have GSP. as compared to the other breeds, a German Shorthair shed little to none. Their coat is not furry like other large dog breeds which save you loads of time in cutting and trimming the coat.

All you need to do is brush the hair twice a week, and clean the ears once a week. That’s it no need to fuss needlessly or keep brushing the shedding hair on your couch or carpet.

Besides cutting hair and cleaning ears, the rest of the grooming instructions are all basic. From brushing dogs teeth to cutting toenails all contribute towards better oral and physical hygiene. Thus, another great reason for having a German Shorthair in the first place.


A German Shorthair understands the hunt like none other. They are born pointer dogs. Specifically bred and developed to be the best companion for a wild hunting game. Sportsmanship is a given thing when it comes to pointer breeds.

Whether it’s tracking, pointing, or retrieving, a GSP can do it all. The quality of this dog breed is that they use their tail and body to point at prey. Now isn’t that an easy combination? Now you may understand their quiet nature is a handy tool not only at home but in the woods.

They have some of the other quality attributes like webbed feet, floppy ears, and a square nose which enhances their sense of smell during the hunt.


Not every dog is as brilliant. That’s true, some dogs might be lazy and inactive. Contrary to those breeds as a pointer, GSP has shown a high level of intelligence. Their adaptive nature makes them a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor.

They easily adapt according to your living situation which is why they are easy to take care of. Even if you are a traveler and take your dog with you, it will not trigger any anxiety or traveling nervousness in GSP either. They are quick learners and that’s what makes them so highly adaptive to their surroundings. So you can easily plan a hunting trip with GSP.

All the pros speak in the favor of adopting the German Shorthaired Pointer! To own a low-maintenance dog can be your perfect choice of pet. The high-sustaining qualities of the GSP prove that! 

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