PUBG Mobile Vs. Freefire: Five Major Differences

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PUBG Mobile Vs. Freefire: Five Major Differences

Both PUBG Mobile and Freefire have started winning the hearts of the Battle Royale game lovers since their release! 

PUBG Mobile and Freefire are said to be quite similar in appearance but, not surprisingly, there lie some MAJOR differences between both the games that distinguish their overall gameplay. Although the objective of both the games is the same, the differences are what change the game pattern completely!


In this article, I’ve listed the five MAJOR Differences between the two popular Battle Royale games: PUBG Mobile and Freefire! 

So without further ado, let’s get started! 

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Game Environment 

The game environment includes game setting, maps, building-styles, etc. It can be seen that the game environment that Freefire provides its players is quite classy and well-polished. The maps in Freefire are optimized for a quick match.

On the other side of the coin, PUBG mobile provides its players with a more realistic environment. The trees, buildings, vehicles look as if they are all very practical. Also, the maps in PUBG Mobile are quite large in size.

The following picture explains the difference clearly: 

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Weapon Styles

Weapons are one of the main aspects of a Battle Royale game. It can be clearly observed that the normal guns Freefire offers to its players look a bit unreal. However, the gun skins provided by Freefire make the game stand out of other Battle Royale games in the market. 

On the contrary, in PUBG Mobile, the weapons are pretty realistic! Using those weapons in the game provides a real-life feeling to the gamers. Also, the skins offered by PUBG Mobile enhance the guns’ looks as well as power.

The following pictures by Legendplayz further clarify the difference:


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Vehicles in the Game

Vehicles are the main means of transport in the large maps of the Battle Royale Games! 

The vehicles provided by Freefire look pretty solid but seem unreal. In the recent update, Garena tried to enhance the looks of the vehicles by making them seem more realistic.

Speaking of vehicles, PUBG Mobile tries its best to give its players the real feeling of driving! Hence, the vehicles in the game look pretty modernized and practical. 

The following pictures clearly show the difference:



Pet System

Having pets in a Battle Royale Game is quite a nice idea. As a result, both Freefire and PUBG Mobile have made good use of it. 

In Freefire, the pets are not only very adorable but also very useful in battles! Each pet comes with a special ability that can be used in matches. Also, the pets have many emotes that can be used in the lobby as well as in the matches.

On the other hand, PUBG has focused on the realism of the game and introduced pets that look more realistic. Also, the pets in PUBG Mobile look far more real than in Freefire. The pets in PUBG Mobile also have some cute and cool pet-emotes! 

The following picture portrays the difference:

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Device Compatibility 

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Now, the device compatibility turns out to create a solid difference between the two games. 

The Battle Royale game – Freefire, can be played in a 1 GB RAM device properly but with low graphics. It has also been tested that the game runs perfectly fine in 1.5 GB/2 GB RAM devices with moderate graphics and less lag. Also, Freefire acquires a maximum of 1.2 GB storage space.

In contrast, PUBG Mobile can be played in a 2 GB RAM phone with low graphics and some lag. But, it runs smoothly in 4 GB RAM phones with moderate/high graphics. PUBG Mobile acquires a storage space of about 1.75 GB.


Both the popular Battle Royale games: PUBG Mobile and FreeFire have their own pros and cons. The differences between both the games indeed determine the ultimate gameplay of the games. 

But, the differences just point out the dissimilarities between both the games and do not state which game is better than the other. It is just the taste of the player that determines which game is better. 🙂

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