Questions You Need to Ask Your Roommate in Bangalore to create a friendly environment

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Living with a roommate is an art – it needs time, effort and patience, and it’s something you perfect over time. And whether your roommate in one of the best hostels in Bangalore is a friend, someone from your college or a total stranger, living with them will require you to readjust your boundaries. But don’t worry, settling down into a pattern with your hostel roommate is easier than you think. All you need to do is to set expectations for yourselves right from the start. And the simplest way to do that is to ask some basic questions and have an honest discussion. So, if you’re ready to start your roommate relationship on the right foot, let’s take a look at what you should be asking them right off the bat.

What’s your schedule like?

Obviously living together means sharing space, but you and your roommate are still going to have your individual lives. Knowing each other’s schedules will help you know how much you overlap. If their schedule is similar to yours, then you’re probably going to be at home at similar times. If you’re someone who needs a lot of privacy, this might be difficult for you. Having an idea of their schedule will also tell you about when they are likely to go asleep, another important thing to keep in mind when you share a room, as you might be required to turn out your lights accordingly. Be open when it comes to sharing your schedule and willing to compromise when it comes to working around it.

How often do you clean?

Sharing a room = sharing chores. Which is great since it means you’re not the only one with the responsibility of keeping stuff clean. But you need to have an achievable goal and division of tasks. If you prefer to clean your room every day, while your roommate prefers a weekly task allocation, you’re going to be at loggerheads. So, establish your expectations from the start and come up with a chore chart that you both agree on. You can stick this on the back of your door so that there’s no risk of miscommunication later.

How often do you invite friends over?

If you’re someone who’s more introverted or likes privacy then your roommate inviting friends over too often could bother you. If you know what to expect, however, you can be prepared for all eventualities. Again, if having other people in your space makes you uncomfortable, communicate that to your roommate. It’ll prevent any future unpleasantness and your roommate may be very understanding of your needs and choose a different place to socialise.

What are you open to sharing?

Living with someone often involves sharing more than just physical space. There will be times where one or both of you will want to borrow something from the other person or share the cost of some cleaning supply or room decor item. But there could also be some items that you don’t want to share. It’s important to set these boundaries at the start of your roommate relationship. What are the items you’re okay with sharing or splitting the cost for, and what’s totally out of bounds? Knowing these basics will help you both respect each other’s belongings while also collaborating where necessary.

What indoor temperature do you prefer?

This may not be a question that’ll strike you as important at first but think about it. When you’re in your own room, you want to be comfortable. And if you and your roommate run on opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, this could be a challenge, even if you do have an air-conditioned room in a Stanza Living residence. Knowing from the start how hot or cold you both want your room to be will ensure there are no passive aggressive fights over the AC remote. You can compromise on a temperature that’s acceptable to both of you, or invest in some thicker blankets, as the case may be.

And there you have it. These are the five basic questions you should ask your roommate at the start of your time living together. Knowing these answers will help ensure you start your relationship on the right foot and have only smooth roads ahead of you.

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