Refurbished Gadgets: Pros And Cons

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What Are Refurbished Gadgets?

The term refurbishment means reconditioning those gadgets (typically electronics products) previously returned to the manufacturer for several reasons. These products will go through various quality check cycles, and then again sold at lower prices. These gadgets are fully functional and properly repaired by the manufacturer.

Whether it’s a smartphone, PC, laptop, tablets, or any other device, there are so many electronics products available in the market. Everyone wants to have a new and latest one, but everyone can’t afford them, especially when it comes to buying expensive Apple products. Many dealers and online platforms put refurbished iPhones for sale, and it is vital to compare the prices before making the final deal. The most common reason why people purchase refurb electronics is their low cost.

Some people think that refurbished products are second-hand electronics, which have some defects or technical problems. But it’s not like that. The savvy people know that these products are stored in their original working conditions by manufacturers or vendors. They are 100% functional and reconditioned by the repair experts. And these are not always returned by users just because of a technical glitch, sometimes customers don’t like the functionality of the product and return new products to the dealer. Then dealers give back these electronic items to the manufacturer. These products are tested and fully repaired in the manufacturing unit and then resold with a refurbished tag.

All the refurb electronics have been categorized into A, B, and C grades. Although they all function the same as brand new models, their physical appearance is the only difference. The grade A refurbished products are in excellent cosmetic condition, while you may find minor scratches on the grade B gadgets’ outer body. The screen grade C devices are the lowest quality gadgets, which are excessively used by the previous owner. You will find some scratches on its screen and dents on its body. But, grade C refurbished products are the best option for low-budget buyers.

However, there are many advantages to buying refurbished products, it also has some disadvantages, which we will discuss in this article.

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Pros Of Buying Refurbished Products


It has been already discussed above that refurb electronics are very cost-effective. Anyone with a minimum balance in a bank account can easily buy them. There is a huge price difference between the refurbished gadgets and their new counterparts. For instance, the refurbished mac-book is around 100 dollars cheaper than the new one.


The refurbished products are double-tested and rechecked by the company experts. So, these phones are more reliable than the new models. There is no possibility of any technical fault in these gadgets.

But it is important to note and many fake vendors also put refurbished iPhones for sale. Therefore, beware of buying gadgets from them. They do not buy products directly from manufacturers, so they will not give any warranty on the refurb phone.

Eco Friendly

The refurbishment process recycles the electronics products at very low prices and protects them from dumping due to minor faults. The refurbished products are environmentally friendly and help reduce the electronics wastage to a great extent.

Give You Chance To Buy Older Models

After a few years of releasing the products, all the electronics companies shut down that gadget’s sale. The refurbished electronics allow you to purchase those models, which are discontinued by the manufacturer’s side. For example, Apple stopped selling the iPhone 7 in September 2019, but you can go with a refurbished one if you still want to purchase it.

Cons Of Buying Refurbished Products

Less Warranty

However, the genuine sellers always give warranty on the refurbished gadgets, but the warranty period is less than the original warranty that comes with the brand new model. You have to spend some extra bucks on extending the warranty on the device.

Missing Accessory

The pre-owned products will not come with all accessories (earphones, chargers, data cable, etc.), and sometimes sellers give non branded accessories with gadgets. You may need to buy them on your own.

Fewer Choices

Even though refurbished products are cheap, it doesn’t mean you can buy them easily. It’s difficult and time-consuming to get the model of your choice, or it might be possible that you will never find the product you are looking for.

The Bottom Line

Buying the brand new tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. can drain a substantial part of your income or savings. But, in this digital era, these products have become an essential part of our life. Therefore, the best solution is to buy refurbished gadgets from a certified dealer. This will save you money as well as fulfill the need to get high-quality gadgets in a budget.

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