Resistance Suit Workouts for Everyone

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New workouts often bring uneasiness. Butterflies churn our guts as we wonder, “Am I doing this right?” A quality resistance suit like the FGHTR Resi-Box, to a beginner, can seem overwhelming. We’ve all seen gym newbies approach a machine, only to give up and walk away. If you’ve come here, that sort of fear probably isn’t enough to keep you from your fitness goals. Still, even seasoned pros know to never turn down a pointer or two. If you’re interested in real fitness results using a resistance suit, here’s a quick guide to get up and fighting in no time.

Resistance Suit Setup

For all the hooks and bands, its sleek metal and black elastic, putting on a resistance suit like the Resi-Box is a relatively simple process. From “out of the box” to “ready to rock” takes only a minute:

  • Fit one ankle strap around each ankle, positioned with the elastic stirrup under your heel and the ring at the back of your ankle.
  • Fit one wrist strap around each wrist, positioned with the elastic stirrup in the crook of your index finger and thumb and the ring on the inside of your wrist.
  • Put the waistband around (wait for it) your waist, so that each set of attachment rings (one pointing up and one pointing down) sits near each hip.
  • Attach the resistance bands—one longer band for each ankle and one shorter band for each wrist.
  • If desired, attach one foam handle to each wrist strap

It’s really just that simple. In less time than it takes to choose your workout playlist, you’ll be ready to train smarter. Even more, you’ll instantly feel the FGHTR Resi-Box training your muscles.

PROTIP: Make sure each strap is snug enough to stay in place, yet not so tight that it restricts movement. Consider the waistband: you’d hate to squeeze your diaphragm and restrict airflow!

Resistance Suit Beginner Training

For many of us, starting a new workout feels like the first step of a great adventure. We’re excited! We’re ready! Bring on the highest mountain! Unfortunately, that often means sloppy mistakes and unneeded soreness. Don’t rush it. Workouts with the FGHTR Resi-Box can add up to 100 pounds of additional resistance, so listen to your body and tailor a workout that best suits you. If you’re just getting started with resistance suit training, it’s probably a good idea to dial back the advanced Muay Thai and master yogi asanas.

  • Start with your usual calisthenics. As you stretch each muscle group, take stock of the difference. Feel how the Resi-Box adds that extra layer of training to even your warm-ups.
  • Go for a quick jog. Notice the slight downward force, the increased pressure on your arms and shoulders. remember, we’re not here to break any 5k records.
  • Go through a standard training rotation. If you’re a boxer, that might mean speed bag, heavy bag, footwork. If you’re training for soccer, that’s probably cones, cut-offs, and chest control. Remember that taking it a little slower your first few times wearing the Resi-Box isn’t a bad thing.

PROTIP: The first few sessions with a Resi-Box may be little more than a getting to know you session. That’s okay!

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Resistance Suit Training Like a Pro

Within a just few workouts, you’ll wonder why you ever trained without a resistance suit like the Resi-Box. You’ll feel greater strength. You’ll see faster reaction times. And if you’re like most users, you’ll want more. Fear not! With just a few pro tricks up your sleeve, you can make the Resi-Box into a total workout experience.

  • Just because the resistance bands can connect to, say, both your waist and ankle don’t mean they have to Take advantage of the included grips! Try un-clipping your ankle resistance bands from your waist and using them to work our your arms. All of a sudden it’s like having a two-thousand dollar pulley machine right on your body.
  • In a similar vein, those looking for targeted and intense lower body workouts can attach the shorter resistance bands to their ankle straps.
  • Use your resistance suit to level-up your other workouts. Just because you have the resistance bands shredding your arms doesn’t mean you can’t also toss around a few kettlebells, right? You could even try some cross fit in a Resi-Box (but don’t blame me when the Avengers call to recruit you).

PROTIP: Don’t forget, those seeking more challenge can swap out the bands on their suit for ones that offer greater resistance.

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Resistance Suit for all Fitness Goals

Resistance suits offer a versatility other gear can’t hope to match. Yes, weights are excellent for building muscle, but you can’t exactly tote two 20-pounders while working on baseball in fielding skills. Agility cones certainly help those quick-fire muscle fibers, but then you’re bound to one spot. The beauty of a resistance suit like the FGHTR  Resi-Box is that it can be tailored to any fitness goal. Those recovering from injury, for example, have found a workout lifeline in resistance suit training.

The setup takes only a second, the learning curve is shallow, and resistance suits can adapt to almost any workout. For those looking to add that extra layer to their workouts, there’s really no excuse not to check out resistance suit training.

(Main Photo Credits – Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels)

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