Rouba Saadeh – Interesting Facts About Michele Morrone ex Wife

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Rouba Saadeh is a renowned fashion designer and the creator of the famous designer shop Le Paradis Des Fous that collects talented individuals throughout the world. But her popularity is more as the former Michele Morrone wife. Here, we will discuss some interesting facts about Rouba Saadeh. Let’s get started.

Rouba Saadeh early life

Rouba Saadeh
Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh is hailed from Lebanon as she was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on 15th April 1987. No information is available about her parents as she keeps their identity a secret. But Rouba Saadeh has a sister and brother, and she also doesn’t share anything about them.

Rouba Saadeh’s age is 33 in 2021, and Aries is her Zodiac sign.


Former Michele Morrone wife completed her bachelor’s degree from Notre-Dame de Jamhour college in Baabda with a specialization in Graphic Designing. She completed her Master’s degree from Lebanese American University in Business Administration.

Later Rouba Saadeh joined Instituto Marangoni for a diploma course in Fashion Designing. Even she was admitted to Central Saint Martins in London for training in fashion designing, which was a summer training.

Rouba Saadeh Career

Rouba Saadeh started her professional life in Beirut. At the initial stage of her career, she worked for the Alfa MICI organization as a graphic designer. She was attached to the company for nearly two years.

After some months of resigning from the company, she was appointed as an assistant for the design team’s leader in Elie Saab’s Label.

The talented fashion designer’s passion for design and style insists on establishing her private designer-related theme shop in 2013. She named her store Les Paradis Des Fous. She was the CEO of her company at this time. But in 2014, she resigned from her job.

After marrying and becoming Michele Morrone wife, she wanted to focus solely on her family and kids. So, she took a break from her profession. But her former husband grabbed the advantage and had undertaken all her works.

After their divorce in 2018, Rouba Saadeh resumed her work and joined as the senior coordinator at Ellie Saab in 2019. At present, this designer is a freelance graphic designer and worked for the organizations that recruited her for their requirement.

Rouba Saadeh height and age

The former Michele Morrone wife Rouba Saadeh’s height is 5feet and 7inches. She is lovely with her dark brown eyes and brown hair. As per the calculation, Rouba Saadeh’s age is 34 years, and her figure measurement is 34-27-38, and her body weight is 121 pounds.

Rouba Saadeh relationships

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone tied a knot in 2014 at an early age. Michele was 23 when he married Rouba. As per some sources, they met through a mutual friend, and were in a relationship for one year before their marriage. The couple celebrated their wedding in Italy and Lebanon. The couple gave birth to their first son within the first year of their marriage. In 2017, they had their second child. It has appeared that the couple shared a great bonding. But the illusion came to an end in 2018 when they declared their separation.

After her separation from Michele Morrone, Rouba Saadeh kept her relationships a secret. Even no media claim about any of her relationships, and there is not any indication in her social media posts. Therefore, it is anticipated that after her divorce, Rouba Saadeh is yet to have any other relationship.

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone relationship

Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh were in a romantic affair as boyfriend and girlfriend. They first met through one of their common friends, and after that, they started to date each other.

Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh got married in 2004 in the presence of close friends and acquaintances. In the same year, they had their elder son, and some years later, the couple had another son. Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone are Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone’s kids.

The couple declared their divorce in 2018 due to some issues. Michele Morrone posted about their separation on his social media handle, and he claimed that their divorce was really sad and unacceptable to him.

But some sources claim that Michele is currently dating his costar from the movie ‘365’ Anna Maria. But any of the stars don’t confirm the news yet. Michele calls himself single.

The reason for Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone divorce

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone were a great couple with solid bonding. But still, they failed to carry on with their marriage for an extended period. They decided to untie the knot within four years of their marriage. Both Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh (earlier Michele Morrone wife) didn’t state the exact reason behind their divorce. Michele was heard to talk about their marriage and divorce in an interview where he blamed himself for making an early decision of marriage. Michele said that he felt jealous while seeing his friend are enjoying their bachelor’s life while he was taking care of his babies. The famous actor also added that he thought of being separated repeatedly, and finally, they decided. He thought he made the mistake of marrying at an early age though he never quits from his responsibility as a dad.

Rouba Saadeh net worth

Rouba Saadeh has a worth of nearly $2million at present. It is the result of her hard work as a fashion designer. She has been working for many years except the break which she has taken after her marriage.

On the other hand, Rouba Saadeh’s ex-husband Michele Morrone’s net worth is approximately 5 USD as per sources.

Some reports said that Rouba Saadeh had received $2 million as a divorce settlement amount from Michele Morrone. But there is no proof available for supporting this report.

Some Interesting facts about Rouba Saadeh

Here are some interesting facts about Rouba Saadeh:

  • Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone started to date each other in 2013.
  • They might have issues in their relationship during the shooting of Michele’s superhit movie ‘365’.
  • Rouba Saadeh is highly renowned in Italy.
  • Michele had a tough time after separating from Rouba Saadeh.
  • Rouba and Michele said that they are good friends after their divorce.
  • The former husband of Rouba Saadeh can also sing
  • Michele had a struggle story before his success
  • Rouba Saadeh has some word tattoos on her right chest, and an infinity sign on her right wrist, and her ex-husband has 19 tattoos.
  • Rouba Saadeh has an Instagram profile @roubasaadeh, where she uploads her images with her sons.
  • She loves to enjoy her free time with her kids and close friends.
  • Rouba saadeh can speak various languages like Arabic, English, French, and Italian
  • She is Lebanese and follows Christianity.

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