Safe online payments – how can it be done?

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It is evident that an increasing number of the millennial crowd or youth today relies on online purchasing methods to buy stuff at their comfort and luxury. But the combat against malicious and fraudulent deployment continues because many have witnessed the web’s dark side. So, to make online payments more secure, we have published some eloquent and stark points which can be helpful for anyone interested in making online transactions safer and enjoyable.

Browse on Internet Carefully- While reviewing commodities on search engines for the price, value, and quality comparison, a majority of the people dig pitfalls for themselves by directly clicking on poisoned search sites unintentionally, which can lead to fraud and malware practices like hacking in your intended destination. So, instead of being the prey of hackers, one should understand that poisoned websites are fabricated websites crafted by cybercriminals to trick searchers at a massive rate. Black hat SEO members execute this practice to incorporate malicious links, which further encompasses disgusting pop advertisements. It is a manipulated search result that can’t be traced easily. So, to prevent yourself from such scenarios, an individual should rely on third-party websites or reliable payment apps, which establishes transparency by eradicating the emergence of malicious and poisoned links from your browser.

As a consumer of BESCOM, ensure that you use a payment app for BESCOM online payment of bills.

Follow Authentic Links- An individual should avoid direct clicking on temporary malicious websites; instead, you should take time to click the relevant and credible link to visit the preferred retailers to purchase. It takes a little more effort, but it is beneficial for you only. This simplistic approach can shield you from the stack of fraudulent links. While visiting websites, make sure that the link is beginning with HTTPS. The ‘s’ highlights the security of the site. Besides this, look at the padlock symbol in the window frame of the browser while visiting the transaction page.

Attain Temporary Credit Card- In the current scenario, several banking sectors equip their clients with temporary credit cards for one-time purchases after an issue. So, if, by chance, the information is stolen by the hackers, you are also saved because after making your purchase, the card will become inactive, and no one will be able to utilize it further. To make it active again for regular transactions and auto-renewal, one must opt for a credit card option with a low limit.

Rely on Password Manager- A password can work as a secret weapon to shield you from malware activities by assisting you to manage your multiple accounts with ease. A password manager encrypts passwords that are represented in simple text format. In addition, password manager encompasses a feature that guides an individual to avoid common mistakes of keeping similar passwords for different accounts. Now internet security packages or products inculcate password security and management options.

Avoid public Wi-Fi/computers- You should never use public WIFI to make financial transactions because hackers get access to intrude WIFI networks seamlessly to get your essential credentials like login details. So, if you are all set to make financial transactions while traveling or roaming out, it is highly recommended to use your smartphone for making online purchases or transactions. When settling your outstanding JVVNL bills, go ahead and use your mobile data network for JVVNL bill pay and not the public WIFI.

Don’t Use Unauthentic Phone Applications- Now, numerous mobile phones embody several malware applications that you are not sure about. So, the simple way to resolve such issues is to avoid downloading such apps instantly. Visit and read their feedback and other valuable insights like terms and conditions to familiarize current users’ experiences and the app policy. Download applications from the official app stores only.

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