Top 7 Sailing Destinations for Your Next Trip

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Are you planning for a sailing trip but getting overwhelmed with the options available? Worry no more. This article filters the best global sailing destinations.

Maybe you plan for an extraordinary December holiday. Better yet, you want to celebrate a weekend with the loved one(s) in one of the best global ships, have a taste of foreign culture, or make friends

 If either of the above options describes you, this article is for you. Read on for more exciting information.

1.   Komodo Islands

Komodo islands conserve a chunk of wonders. A typical Komodo sailing trip exposes you to a breathtaking view of the adjacent Komodo islands.

All you do is access raised points such as the Kelor islands. You will interact with historical, scary Komodo dragons.

The best part? The sailing trip is full of fun as you interact with the welcoming Indonesians, the local language, and finger-licking delicacies.  

2.   The Bahamas

The Caribbean country is one of the best places to build memories. Like most international travelers, you will get amazed with its collection of cays and islets (commonly referred to as the Exumas). Popular islands such as Habour, Acabo, and Pink Sand Beach. You will view the pigs as they splash the Bahamas turquoise waters. I bet you will like the wahoo, tuna, and seafood like the red snapper at the weekly fish fry.

3.   The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a typical sailing destination if you seek the best snorkeling experience. The boat-only-access island possesses clear, tranquil waters.

Visiting the islands exposes you to the buried pirate treasure and the BVI history. You will then view flamingos and pink conch shells on flat islands such as the Anegada.

4.   The Paraty

Paraty is a mountain-backed hometown to the natural beauty and welcoming culture of the Brazilians. It suits your December/January sailing trips.

That is when a chunk of its diverse international community and locals gathers for several events. You can weigh anchors at a typical snorkeling spot like the Blue Lagoon.

5.   Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a famous island on the coasts of Tanzania. It has a rich Arabic history. You will interact with the lazy coastal lifestyle of Zanzibar when you visit the island.

Besides, it is suitable for various entertainment missions. Apart from snorkeling in the clear Indian Ocean waters, some of the things you can do here include swimming and practicing fishing.

Another exciting part about Zanzibar is that the local communities are very friendly and can’t wait to teach you how to speak local languages like Swahili. You will love local food and drinks, such as coconut drinks.

6.   South Georgia Island, Southern Ocean

Do you love watching natural wonders? Then, South Georgia Island, the Southern Ocean is one of the best destinations to visit. It possesses a classic sailing team that will take you around the island.

Then, you can view wildlife, such as elephants and thousands of penguins. Another natural endowment of South Georgia Island, the Southern Ocean is a whale’s population.

The initially abandoned setting has now reinstated its population, thereby attracting an enormous number of tourists.

7.   Australia’s Whitsunday Islands

Australia’s Whitsunday Islands is a collection of 74 islands. It lies between the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland’s northeastern coast.

A massive number of the islands are uninhabited, freeing an extensive portion of the islands to marine life. The frequent hikes leave trails in the dense rainforest.

It is also one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in the world.


The top sailing destinations are Komodo Islands, The Bahamas, The British Virgin Islands, The Paraty, Zanzibar, Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, and the Southern Ocean’s South Georgia Island.

Most of the islands possess spectacular features that render the best sailing destinations in the world. For instance, most of them are preserved for wildlife.

The historical volcanic actions shaped most of the islands to form breathtaking tourist attractions.

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