Scalp Care With Sea Moss Gel And Bladderwrack

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Scalp Care And Hair

The scalp is one of the less problematic areas of your body. It needs simple caring and you already have a good and healthy scalp. But sometimes extra scalp care is gained with sea moss gel and that you will learn how in this blog. The top layer of the scalp is the skin. It is the part that you can touch and, well, scratch. Under the skin is the connective tissue. It connects the skin to the aponeurosis part of the scalp. The connective tissue is where you can find most of the functioning parts of the hair like the bulb, the roots, the glands, and so on. This is also where the blood vessels are found. 

Did you know that your hair is actually considered the only tissue in your body to be DEAD? Yes, your shiny and soft hair is dead tissue. It does not have any biochemical activity nor any changes.

But why does your hair grow? Simple. Although your hair is biochemically inactive its hair bulb inside the scalp is actually functioning. It is the reason why your hair is still growing.

How about the texture? If you may have already observed, the hair has different textures. Sometimes it is soft and shiny, sometimes frizzy and dull, or sometimes full of volume. It is not perse the hair follicle that is changing but the roots of the hair. It adapts to the blood flow and nutrients it receives.  The sebaceous glands inside the scalp at the roots of the hair release its sebum that coats the hair so it can be stronger and shinier.

Then what about hair falls? If you still have yet to notice, hair fall is very normal. It is inevitable to shed some hair from time to time. On average, humans can shed up to 100 strands daily. Shedding means that the hair has completed its full cycle of growth so new hair will replace it.

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However, if you are shedding way beyond the average it may need your attention. There are many factors why you shed hair –


How does stress affect the hair? Stress causes the body to have hormonal and physiological imbalances. Which can lead to changes in the biochemical reactions and activities in your body. Stress also kind of forces your body to protect its function, forcing it into a resting state which can overload the body in order to hasten the processes.

The same goes with your hair, instead of still having a resting period where it sticks to your head, it is pushed out of the body. Thus, more hair than normal falls off.

Lack of Nutrients

Your scalp and hair are in deep need of nutrients in order for them to grow and be healthy. Calcium, protein, and iron are the most important building block of healthy and strong hair. Lacking nutrients may cause hair follicles to be brittle.  It is essential that a good amount of nutrients are taken in order to keep the healthy state of the scalp and hair. 

Moisture And Protein Imbalance

We always assume that moisturizing your hair and scalp is beneficial, but too much of it is not healthy. Too much moisture can cause the pores to be softer and more flexible. With this, your hair follicles can be removed from its root more easily during showering or combing. Protein, in a form of collagen, may also be imbalanced and may cause our hair to fall off more easily.

Basic Scalp Care

Because the scalp is like your first line of defense, it is exposed to most pollutants and sun damage. This is why your scalp can dry out and be itchy.  This is why you need to have proper scalp care. It is like giving your scalp a good skincare routine. The basic scalp care routine is enough for hairs but sometimes you need extra scalp care with sea moss gel. Here you can find both the ways:

Massage the Scalp

Regularly massaging your scalp helps you to get a good amount of blood flow in your head. This means more nutrients can flow in. Good quality blood flow can also help revitalize the skin giving it a healthier quality.

Cleanse the Scalp

Because your scalp is exposed to the outside world, it catches tons of pollutants like dust and grease. This is why deep cleansing is a must for good scalp care. Who likes having your neighbor’s barbeque smoke stay in your hair anyway?

Cleansing the scalp usually requires a good quality shampoo. Get one that has natural ingredients. Do not apply heavy chemicals to the scalp because it can dry out the scalp and cause more harm than benefit.

Moisturize the Scalp

Moisturizing in a good amount is essential for your scalp care. It can help prevent the skin from flaking out and cause wounds. Dry scalp can also lead to super itchy scalp, you don’t want that don’t you?  Get a good moisturizer that is natural and has a good antibacterial property. It can help the skin be conditioned.

Scalp Care With Sea Moss Gel And Bladderwrack

Scalp care with Sea moss gel and bladderwrack has been taking over the natural market lately. Sea moss and bladderwrack are two ocean superfoods that can be used in so many ways. It can be taken as a food additive, skincare, smoothie, or jam base. Some even used sea moss and bladderwrack as hair care treatment.

The effectiveness of these two products, especially when used together is well observed. Both are rich in micronutrients and minerals that are essential to the body. Sea moss and bladderwrack are rich in iron, calcium, and protein, all of which are necessary for healthier hair.

More so, scalp care with sea moss gel and bladderwrack is highly recommended as both are rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can greatly help condition the scalp.

These two are also rich in collagen. And yes, collagen is the main building block of your hair and skin. This is why a good amount of collagen can help in the elasticity of your hair and skin. Moreover, it can help so that your scalp does not get dry and flaky.

The Perfect Recipe For Scalp Care with Sea Moss Gel

You don’t have to go out and shop for the best scalp care product. We got the perfect recipe for you. And tips on how to apply too!

Following Earthbal’s  perfect odorless recipe,

What you need:

  • Sea moss gel
  • Bladderwrack gel
  • Deep conditioner
  • Natural oil
  • Honey


  • Black or green tea

How to do the hair-scalp treatment:

  1. Prepare Sea moss gel using Earthbal’s recipe
  2. Add Bladderwrack in the mix
  3. Add a good amount of deep conditioner
  4. Then blend in honey and oil
  5. Blend well and keep in a glass jar

Before applying to the hair, make sure to wash hair to prevent dirt from building up. You may also get a good tea rinse,

Tea Rinse:

  1. Mix 2-4 tbsp of sea moss gel in a cup of warm tea. Mix well until sea moss is dissolved.

After preparing the sea moss-bladderwrack gel and getting a good shampoo,  prepare hair for a good hair mask treatment. Apply gel mix to the hair like a hair mask. Make sure to massage the scalp for the best result.


Hair is not the only thing that you should care for. You must also take care of your scalp to have better quality hair. Stronger hair comes when you have a good and healthy scalp. Always love your body.  Always choose natural treatments like scalp care with sea moss gel when looking for any hair treatment.

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