Second Hand Tractor is Preferred by Farmers than New Tractor

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Nowadays, Tractors are an essential need for farmers all over the world. Tractors have been used since 1892 for various outdoor activities, and it is mainly used for the entire fundamental and hybrid activities of farming. We can also say that tractors are a true friend of farmers for their whole life. Tractors are classified based on different features and classification, and tractors are also ranked as per their condition like New Tractor and Second Hand Tractor. Second Hand Tractor is a preference of farmers of India because of economic limitations and other significant issues. 

Yes, it is true that Second Hand Tractor is More Preferred by Farmers than New Tractor, this is due to various reasons and preferences of the person to person. So in this post, we will serve you details on how Second Hand Tractor is the better and first choice of Farmers.

Benefits of Using Second Hand Tractor 

There are several benefits of Using Second-Hand Tractor instead of New Tractor all the benefits are mentioned in the below section of this post, so keep up with this post and get all the details.

Financial Friendly

Second-hand tractors are financially friendly for all small farmers who are helpless from the monetary side and don’t able to buy a New Tractor. To go ahead in farming and improve the agricultural status, it is necessary to have a proper financial condition. In this condition, Second-hand tractors help farmers to rid out and attain all the benefits regarding agriculture.

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Demands less maintenance

As compared to the maintenance and services of New Tractors, a Second-Hand Tractor charges less because its engine is a habitat with the environment and land conditions of the particular place. In used tractors, the internal mechanization has been serviced many times, so it gives a smooth drive and more mileage in the less consumption of fuel. Due to less maintenance, second-hand tractors are the first preference of all the farmers.

Same quality and features in fewer expenses

This is one of the primary and uttermost benefits of buying a second hand or tractor old model in comparison to New tractor model. In fewer expenses, we will get the same quality and features of the particular tractor model and also be able to enjoy the same performance while working with a second-hand model in the fields. 

Already get all legal Documentation

If you are obsessed with buying a second-hand tractor, then your decision is better, and you are on the right track because a second-hand model always comes with its old and complete legal documentation. These documents can easily be transferred from the first party to the second party, and fewer problems arise as compared to new documentation of a New Tractor model. The legal documentation is the first step towards safely driving a tractor on Indian roads.

Get instant Availability 

In buying a used or old tractor, you will get the instant availability of driving and use that second hand or old tractor model for all purposes in your field. Otherside in new tractors all the availability has been halted due to loan approvals, registration, inspection, and due to many other reasons

An old or second-hand tractor model is always preferred by farmers as opposed to a new tractor due to its benefits as mentioned above and useful information on the old tractor model is available on our official website

While buying a used or old tractor always remember these tips to make a profitable deal.

Tips for Buying a Second Hand Tractor

Find Trustable Tractor Brand

First, find a trustable tractor manufacturing brand while buying used or old tractors, such as used Mahindra tractor 475, Swaraj 744 FE, and Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI, These are some trading tractor models in today’s times. These are the tractors that are famous and reputed among the farmers, so first, go towards them.

Get Details about the previous owner 

The next most important tip is that farmers have to know about the previous owner. When you have all the information about the last owner, then it’s more beneficial for you. This helps to get an idea about the condition of the Tractor, and how the Tractor was maintained, how it is working, it repairing, and whether it is damaged or not from anywhere. And much more further information which can be recognized when you know about the Tractor’s owner.

Check operating hours of Tractor 

When buying an old second hand tractor, you need to check how long hours the Tractor works because it determines whether the Tractor is in good condition or not. The average operating hours of a tractor 8000-9000, and if a tractor works more than this criteria. It means it wants more servicing in the near future, which is a significant burden on farmer’s accounts.

Physical examination of the Tractor

Check the outer body of the Tractor when buying a second hand tractor. The tractor’s external body has to be not destroyed and the body should be robust, high work efficiency, and not spend additional money after buying. Check all the internal machinations parts of the Tractor personally. Take a test drive for more clear vision. It will help you to conserve your money and experience the operation of the Tractor.

Inspect tyre condition

Need to be focused on the tyre condition of the Tractor because it seeks farmer’s safety. Check there are any cuts or bubbles on the tyre, and there are the tyres remolded or original. This point also determines how long the Tractor will pull. New tires have a long life as compared to remolded tyres.

Review legal documents of Tractor

It is the important tip of buying an old used second-hand tractor; you must review all the legal documents of a particular tractor. For example, RC, insurance proof, original invoice, and proof of taxes because if these legal documents are not prepared, the buyer will apply for a loan in the near future, and transferring ownership is also tricky for buyers. So farmers have to review all the legal documents of the Tractor clearly.

Hence, Second-Hand Tractor is more preferred by farmers than New Tractor, and it saves them money and fulfills all the desires of farmers in an affordable price range. The second hand Tractor easily fits in the budget of farmers.

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